Quiz: Which Career Fits You?

It is never too early to start thinking about your future.  First of all, congratulations on deciding to think about your education and possible career path.  The following quiz should help you reflect on your talents and abilities. Please don’t over think the questions too much. There is no right answer only an honest one, and  choosing a career should not be that difficult.


1) The teacher assigns a group project, and asks for the class to get in to teams you:

A) Stare at your paper, you don’t like these things, you prefer individual work

B) Are very thrilled, you already know who are the team players and called them out before anyone does

C) Look at your friend, and share glances with your other good friends, there is nothing like working but also playing


2) When working in a team project you are more likely to be assigned:

A) The research, your team knows how much you enjoy reading and writing and believes this position comes easy for you

B) Team leader, you enjoy being a part of the process and like when you have responsibilities

C) The creativity, you enjoy working with your hands and are a free spirit, people like having you around because of the way you see things


3) Your study area can be described as:

A) Very neat, your computer is your study area, portable and reliable

B) An above average desk, followed with a white board for notes and endless supply of postits

C) Flexible, you study where you feel inspired; one day you feel like the park, your bed or the kitchen


4) When you need help or need a question answered, you:

A) Google it, the Internet has all the answers

B) Debate it, you feel strongly about issues and to get the most out of a question you feel the need to mention every point possible and make the respondent really think about the answer

C) Feel comfortable asking, you enjoy personal interaction and personal opinions, for you there is no wrong answers only bad listeners


5) If your friends could identify you with a TV show character it would be:

A) Alex from Modern Family

B) Robin from How I Met Your Mother

C) Jess from The New Girl



You are observant and like to think that you have all answers to all questions. You enjoy experiments but appreciate more individual work; you feel that with teamwork people can take credit for your work.  You like to give yourself challenges and you are your worst critic. Even if you are number one in the class, you need to be number one in the school and so on. Friends like having you around because they feel they can understand math or science better when you are around.

People with these personality traits tend to study: Math, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, and Web Development…



You are, what your friends would say…bossy, and you love it. You like being in charge, in control but most of all you like responsibility. You enjoy signing up for extra curricular activities, but not always go for just Team Member role. You feel strongly about leadership and believe that you can do something that will change the world one day. Being informed on news and political issues is part of your everyday breakfast. Your friends like having you around because you are determined and make weekend plans a much more efficient thing.

People with these personality traits tend to study: Business, Law, Public Relations, Marketing, Economics…



You are a free spirited, you enjoy going with the flow. You like being surrounded with things and people that inspire you. Your friends can describe you as goofy and they know that your choice in clothing can be unpredictable. You seem to have an open mind and are very positive about new things and people. You enjoy working with your hands. You are an enemy to routines and are curious.

People with these personality traits tend to study: Advertising, Photography, Interior Design, Architecture, Fashion…

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