Quiz: Think You Know Latin America?

latin-america-flags-timizzerHispanic Heritage Month may have ended on October 16th, but it doesn’t mean we cannott celebrate all year long. So why not celebrate your Hispanic heritage by brushing up on your knowledge of Hispanic geography, culture and history. How much do you know? Check it out below.

1. What is the largest Island in the Caribbean?

a)     Cuba

b)     Jamaica

c)     Puerto Rico


2. Where is Puerto Rico?

a)     The Caribbean

b)     The Pacific

c)     The Atlantic

3. What is South American’s smallest Hispanic Country?

a)     Uruguay

b)     Ecuador

c)     Paraguay


4. Which flag has red and white stripes, a blue triangle and one white star?

a)     Mexico

b)     Puerto Rico

c)     Cuba


5. How many states does Mexico have?

a)     30

b)     25

c)     31


6.  According to the Census Bureau, how many Hispanics are currently in the U.S?

a)     50 million

b)     25 million

c)     39 million


7. Who is widely honored in South America as the Liberator?

a)     Jose Marti

b)     Simon Bolivar

c)     George Washington


8. Who painted the mural, “The History of Mexico”?

a)     Frida Kahlo

b)     Diego Rivera

c)     Salvador Dali


9. What is the capital of Uruguay?

a)     La Asuncion

b)     Quito

c)     Montevideo


10.   What scientist made the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador famous?

a)     Albert Einstein

b)     Charles Darwin

c)     Alexander Fleming


11.  The driest place on Earth is located in South America. Where is it?

a)     Peru

b)     Brazil

c)     Chile


12.  Mexico City holds the distinction of being the first Latin American city to:

a)     Experience an Earthquake

b)     Host the Olympics

c)     Had been ruled by a monarchy


13.  Which of the following did the ancient Maya civilization develop?

a)  Math

b) The wheel

c)  The concept of zero


14.  Angel Falls (El Salto Angel), the tallest Waterfall in the world is located in:

a)     Argentina

b)     Venezuela

c)     Uruguay


15.  The Equator Line passes through:

a)   Colombia, Brazil and Peru

b)    Colombia, Ecuador and Brazil

c)    Colombia, Venezuela and Guyana


 Ready for the answers?


Answer Key

  1. Cuba
  2. The Caribbean
  3. Uruguay
  4. Puerto Rico
  5. 31
  6. 39 Million
  7. Simon Bolivar
  8. Diego River
  9. Montevideo
  10. Charles Darwin
  11. Chile
  12. Hosted the Olympics
  13.  The concept of zero
  14. Venezuela
  15.  Colombia, Ecuador and Brazil


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