Quiz: Find Your Creative Passion

What makes you shine? Girls everywhere believe that being creative is simply about being art smart or a musical genius. However, every single Latinita out there has a special skill, talent that makes her shine or a special creative strength. Latinitas have to find and emphasize these talents in order to make the most out of their inner potential. This quiz is here to help every girl find what truly makes her shine bright.

1. You’re at the doctor’s office and have been waiting for two hours. What have you most likely been doing?

a)      Doodling all over one of the magazines. (oops! But these drawings look really great!)

b)      Listening to music and tapping my feet to the beat.

c)       Looking for patters in the tile.

d)      Making up a short story based on the people at the office.

e)      Restlessly moving around the doctor’s office.

f)       Trying to figure out what the plants in the room are called. (Are those magnolias or poppies?!)

2. What’s your favorite subject at school?

a)      Art

b)      Guitar

c)       Math

d)      English

e)      P.E.

f)       Horticulture

3. What future sounds the most appealing to you?

a)      Being the next Coco Chanel designer.

b)      Replacing the music teacher at school.

c)       Designing buildings and bridges.

d)      Writing a series like Harry Potter or the Hunger Games.

e)      Dancing for the New York City Ballet.

f)       Exploring the safari.

4. Who is your idol?

a)      Picasso

b)      Jimi Hendrix

c)       Albert Einstein

d)      J.K. Rowling

e)      Tony Romo

f)       Steve Irwin “The Crocodile Hunter”

5. Let’s say you have a few hours to kill, so you decide to go shopping. Which store would you most likely go into?

a)      Hobby Lobby

b)      Guitar Center

c)       Mathnificent

d)      Barnes & Noble

e)      Champs Sports

f)       Academy Sports and Outdoors

6. Which picture draws your attention the most?

a)      A canvas full of color and random shapes

b)      A picture of the World’s Greatest Symphony Orchestra during their performance

c)       A smiling calculator

d)      Stacks of books with the quote “Reading is cool.”

e)      Famous Olympian Athletes

f)       A colorful meadow

7. What do you most frequently see in your daydreams?

a)      Vivid colors and images

b)      The vibrations of the music I’m currently listening to

c)       Numbers

d)      Quotes from the book I’m currently reading

e)      Myself scoring the winning goal for my soccer team

f)       The path of my next hiking trip

8. Your teacher assigns a writing assignment based on your favorite trip. Where was this trip to?

a)      The Metropolitan Museum of Art

b)      Broadway

c)       A tour of New York City’s tallest skyscrapers

d)      The Library of Congress

e)      The Thanksgiving Classic football game

f)       The Grand Canyon

9. What tool appeals the most to you?

a)      A paintbrush

b)      A piano

c)       A ruler

d)      Pencil and paper

e)      My body

f)       A shovel for my garden

10. What company would you like to work at the most?

a)      Pixar

b)      Universal Music Group

c)       Microsoft

d)      Random House Publishing

e)      NFL

f)       Discovery Channel

If you answered mostly…

A’s: You’re artistically creative! You enjoy things like drawing, photography, crafts, sculptures and painting; images are your specialty. Your idea of a good time is going to an art museum or watching a movie. You’re most likely to get in trouble for doodling in class. You’re very likely to take an art class outside of school or be the editor in chief of the school’s yearbook. B’s: Music is your thing!  You’ll stop what you’re saying mid-sentence to sing your favorite song and you can pick up a beat or an instrument much faster than many others. Your favorite time of the day is choir class or your band’s practices in your garage. You probably have a music library that’s almost too big for your computer. Be careful to not blast that music too loud, or you’ll be the first of your friends to need a hearing aid. C’s: You like logic, puzzles and math! You enjoy thinking about things until you can find a clear formula to them; everything has to add up for you. Many people may think that being logical doesn’t go hand in hand with being creative, but there are activities out there which need both rationality and creativity. People like you can come up with craziest ways to resolve problems without a speck in the plan. You’re the friend people go to in order to get any problem solved. You may have a future as an architect or inventor.
D’s: You’re a seasoned word weaver. You’ve got the world’s longest reading list, three books in your purse, and the vocabulary of a linguistics professor. You enjoy words and have an uncanny knack for making them flow together.  Keep on reading, the world has an endless reading list waiting for you (surely you already knew about it). You live as the first female novelist, Aphra Behn, once said: “That perfect tranquility of life, which is nowhere to be found but in retreat, a faithful friend and a good library.” E’s: You dance your way into people’s hearts, you make the winning goal at every game, and you’ve managed to break every athletic record your school has ever seen. You’re very helpful as a model in P.E. class, since your body seems to know what to do before your mind even processes it.  As if that wasn’t enough, you have the energy of a Duracell battery, making you the life of the party anywhere you go. You express yourself through your body, so you aren’t stuck as the sporty type, you could even be a model. F’s: You’re a rare person, much like the plants you are so acquainted with. You have the ability to recognize patterns in leaves, flowers, and other aspects of nature that many would not even glance at (meaning you’ll never be one to be struck by poison ivy!). You can distinguish a bear track from a wolf track in an instant, and if told to “take a hike”, you would finish that trail without a problem.

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