Preguntale a Julianna: Advice About Boys

Question: There is this boy I really like at school. I want to tell him I like him, but I’m scared he might not like me. What do I do?

Advice: How will the boy ever know how you feel about him if you don’t tell him? Don’t be afraid of what the answer may be. Tell him about your feelings towards him. Who knows? Maybe his response will be exactly what you are hoping for. If it isn’t, don’t sweat it! There are plenty of fish in the sea. The important thing is that you express your feelings.

Question: I really like this boy that lives in my neighborhood. His name is Pablo. What should I do???

Advice: You can ask him if he would like to hang out after school or during the weekend. You can say, “Hey since we live in the same neighborhood, would you like to hang out sometime?” It would be a great way to get him to notice you and a way to get to know him. Good Luck!

Question: I like this boy. I talk to him when my mom is not watching. She says not to talk to him. It’s just talking on the phone!!! What should I do so I could talk to him?

Advice: You should talk to your mom. Ask her why she doesn’t want you to talk to him. After hearing her answer, tell her about him. Share with her what kind of personality he has and why you like talking to him. Hopefully, she will see why you insist on talking to him over the phone and will allow you to continue talking to him.

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