Poetry: Seasons


by Audrey Rodriguez, age 12

Knit sweaters blocking out the cold air,
Christmas cheer for all to share

Crisp snow dancing down from the sky,
like dandy ice skaters that pass me by.

Hot cocoa to chug
and snowmen to hug

Snow angels pressed into the ground,
sledding down a huge mound!

Santa Claus spreading smiles,
as his elves walk down store aisles.

Icicles fall and make a racket,
as little kids watch in warm jackets

New Year resolutions come and go,
as if they were cookie dough.


by Audrey Rodriguez, age 12

Colorful leaves fall from the trees,
rustling in the wind with ease
cold that chills me to the bone,
as i walk all alone
my breath suspended in midair,
frozen by the arctic air.

Festive jack-o-lanterns adorn porches
scaring vampires away with torches
candy found in every home,
hyper children sure to roam.

Families gathering together
around a turkey no matter the weather
Filled with stuffing and great times,
the thanksgiving turkey is worth the dime.


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