Miriam Wnorowski, 20 Latinitas Under 20

Name: Miriam Wnorowski

Age: 14

Heritage: Mexican-American

Hometown: Austin, Texas

Volunteer Experience:

Miriam has been involved with Girl Scouts since first grade. This year she completed her Silver Award as a Cadette Girl Scout. She wanted to make some upgrades to the Zilker Park Girl Scout cabin in Austin, TX. She spent over 50 hours sewing colorful banners to decorate the main room in the cabin. She then organized an unveiling for her and her fellow girl scouts to display the work they had completed to the community. Miriam is passionate about being a good role model. She is very aware of the choices she makes. She loves her friends and family and is proud of her large extended family. She loves large family gatherings and being able to attend school with her cousins. As many families drift apart she loves being able to see her extended family on a daily basis. She is motivated by sports. She has always been physically active and wants to pursue a career in Physical Education.

What makes her a leader?:

Deciding to pursue her Silver Award was a leadership role she undertook this year. As a Junior Girl Scout her troop completed the Bronze Award together. She knew that a Silver Award requires that she complete a minimum of 50 hours of independent work. This required planning and self motivation. She had to contact businesses to seek their help with supplies and gathered information about how to complete her tasks. She knew that she was doing something that would inspire other girl scouts and girls from the community and she was very committed to making the cabin a place they would want to hang out. Miriam has a strong will to succeed and had to learn at an early age how to be strong and independent. Miriam is strong willed, courageous, and has a beaming personality. She sees her past as a stepping stone to greater things and never lets it bring her down.

What extra-curricular activities is she involved in?:

Miriam has played soccer since Kindergarten. She has always been one of the smallest players on her team, but she plays with such passion that she is a giant inspiration on the field. I have seen her outrun girls who are much taller than her and steal soccer balls from players who don’t see her coming. She never gives up, even on those grueling hot days. She will be hunched over trying to catch her breath, but when the ball comes her way she will spring into action and make her play.

How is she a good example and positive role model to other girls?:

Miriam is a beautiful example of a Latina young woman striving to do her best in school, help her community, and making strong moral choices in life. She is pround of her Mexican-American heritage. She embraces the culture, food, and music of her heritage. She attends a school with a small Latina population and carries herself proudly and sees her cultural heritage as an asset.

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