Mi Barrio: Local Vintage Shoppes in El Paso

When we say vintage we’re not talking about the process of calling something ancient, we are talking about clothes, accessories, furniture, cars, or anything that has a maturity or an everlasting appeal. To be vintage is to be characterized by excellence, to be classic. Latinitas went around to a couple of El Paso’s very own vintage shops and had a fashion shoot to show how older hand-me-down clothes can still be in style.
First we stopped at Klothes Lime a fashion shop that also does consignment. For those of us who don’t know the details of consignment, it’s a process where stores pay individuals for unwanted second-hand, designer or trendy items and sell them for a higher price. The way  Klothes Lime and Consignment works is you get 50% of whatever they sell. This locally owned boutique was a fun way to start off the day.
We went into the shoppes with every occasion in mind. Starting from the left, Elizabeth is in a dress for a fancy night out, or any high school dance. Then we have our music festival chic outfit, and  a retro ensemble in the middle. At the end, Elizabeth is in an everyday outfit that would make Taylor Swift proud!

Then we headed to The Red Door, a  vintage boutique that specializes in new and used clothing for men and women from the 1920’s to the 1990’s. They also have really unique accessories like hats, jewelry, bags, and wallets. We had a lot of fun going back in time, shifting through the genres at The Red Door.

Elizabeth is in a mild cowgirl get up where the shoes took us a while to find, but in the end they turned out to be perfect. Next we thought we’d play around with different things at the store! Elizabeth is ready for a day the office.


We found a pretty cute Sunday dress and belt that needed a little maintenance, but in the end it looked flawless. We had a blast checking out these two cute vintage stores. Check out your local listings for nearby vintage stores, invite your friends, and enjoy your vintage shopping day!


*Special Thanks to The Red Door, Klothes Lime, Alina Cardena (photagrapher) and Elizabeth Lara (model).



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