Mi Barrio: Houston, TX

Written by: April
Age: 24
City: Houston, TX US


Photo credit: Houstonsvoice.com

What do you like to do for fun there?
I love Houston, TX. It is not only a big city, but there is always that opportunity to grow. There are many opportunities to grow academically. Even if you begin small you’ll soon realize many Latina girls are striving to create someone better for themselves. I see many young women starting at Houston Community College, which is a beginning, a start to a future as a teacher, a license practitioner, or even to become a better person. I’ve met so many women who started school because they weren’t sure what they were going to do with their lives. This feeling of uncertainty changes the first semester when they complete one class. They have a renowned sense of confidence and killer able -bodied attitude that shines.

What makes your hometown special?
Houston is special because it is home. It is where my family resides. It is where I can count on my girls to spend a day sans social media and hang out. We go and relax at the Houston Zoo (on not so hot days) and take a picnic out to any local park. My girls and I walk to the local “panaderia” for some hot and sweet bread!

What is the weather like?
Houston is humid and hot, but I love it.

What type of hometown do you live in?
I live in an urban neighborhood.

Why do you like it?
In Houston, there is something to do everyday.

What can visitors do in your hometown?
If you’ve never ridden on a train, the metrorail is a fun experience. Even better, you can sit on the metro rail backwards!

What special landmarks or attractions do you find in your community?
I love the museums!

What is the history behind your hometown?
Houston used to be considered the fourth fattest city, but our city became fitness buffs. In doing so, we managed to put that title away.

Describe cultural events in your community.
Free Press Houston Fest is getting its name out there. Each year it gets bigger and better. FPH gets bigger artists to be featured, which in turn causes people from outside of Texas to come and visit.

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