Meet Author Melinda Palacio

Working in the journalism world with a steady career, Melinda Palacio felt there was more for her to do in life. When moving to Arizona, her aspiration to become a novelist became a reality.

“Writing found me. I have worked as a reporter, a writing instructor, an editor, and various other jobs before I decided to dedicate myself to writing,” said author Melinda Palacio.

Before beginning her writing career, Palacio earned two degrees, a Bachelor’s from Berkeley in Comparative Literature and a Masters from UC Santa Cruz.

Palacio admits that despite her skills and experience she faced difficulties in the novel-writing process. When writing “Ocotillo Dreams,” there were moments when she would feel lost.

Palacio got involved with the program PEN Center USA Emerging Voices Fellow. This prestigious literary fellowship helped her gain necessary skills and the confidence she needed. It helped her finish her first draft for her novel.

She encourages others to strive to do better and to do what they love. “Read a variety of books and subjects. Write in your journal if only for a few minutes every day. Do what you love and experience life to the fullest,” said Palacio.

When Palacio is not writing or reading, she can be seen doing other things she loves like “listening to music, dancing, reading, spending time with friends and family.”

To catch a copy of her novel, “Ocotillo Dreams” check out your local library or her website:

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