Latinitas Dia de Las Madres Contest Winners

We were especially touched this year by the quality of entries to Latinitas’ 2012 Dia de las Madres writing contest.   Our writers were as young as 9 years old and as old as high school.  Girls presented “great mothers” in their lives through writing.

My Mom by Celie Contreras

My mom is special to me because she cares about me in every way. My mom supports me in everything I do, like sports and school. I love my mom in lots of many ways. My mom is a hard working woman that a lot of people like. My mom tells me that she loves me and when she tells me that… I cherish those moments and say, “I love you too mom!” Sometimes my mom and I fight and argue but right after that minute we love each other again.  My mom adores me and I adore my mom more.  My mom buys me a lot of clothes, food to eat and water to drink and most of all she loves me! My mom spends a lot of time with me, so in the future when my sibling leave my mom and I can spend even more time together when I’m an only child.  Every day I wake up she says, “I love you little one,” and when she says that I smile big, so my mom knows I’m happy! When my mom looks at me I always think she’s going to say something about my eyes, but she says, “Celie you need to clean your glasses again,” after she says that I give her my glasses to clean. When I put on my glasses … now she says, Celie your eyes are beautiful!”  Then night time comes, she tucks me in and puts the blankets over me and gives me a goodnight kiss. In the morning she wakes me up and turns the light on and says, “Get dressed for school…” all I think about is ahh I love when my mom says those words! When it comes to the dinner table she always tells Carlie, Daniel, my dad and I to use our manners properly! She always says, “Are you saving that for later?” That is only if we have food on our face or clothes that we didn’t know about! While we eat dinner we always talk about how our day was and what we did today. When we talk we laugh and giggle about the one funny thing that happened. Even though you think parents can be embarrassing my mom is actually kind of cool to be around when my friends are over. That’s why I love my mother with all of my heart!!!!

My Mother by Marisa Flores

My mom has been an influence in my life by …Teaching me and telling me I’m good at sports, school, and art. She tells me to go to college in order to get a good job. My mom supports me in school and sports .My mom cares about me, and tells me that she loves me .My mom helps me with everything . My mom helps me practice, takes me to practice, and goes to all of my games. My mom takes me shopping and buys stuff for my bed room, and school, summer and outdoor clothes.

My mom tells me I’m pretty.  My mom tells me never to do any drugs that it will mess your whole life up. Sometimes my mom and I may argue but I know she still loves me.  My mom tells me to listen to my teachers and my elders.  My mom tells me I should never give up or quit something I’ve already started.  My mom always encourages me to save my money. My mom tells me don’t change for anyone .My mom tells me don’t ever quit dreaming .My mom tells me that I am beautiful no matter what anyone says. My mom says everything is possible. I have the best mom ever even though we fight.  My mom tells me goodnight every night. My mom buys mom buys me everything I want for Christmas.  My mom understands all my problems.  My mom takes me to the dentist, pays my phone bill, and bought me a DS.  My mom let’s me have my own room.  My mom can trust me.  My mom is nice to all my friends. My mom loves all my ideas. My mom helps me through everything.  My mom always takes me out for dinner. My mom always cares for me if I’m sick. My mom always agrees with me.  Even though my mom and I have been through a lot of ups and downs … I still love her.

My Amazing Sister by Emerald Espino

My sister, Vanessa Marie Espino, is my role model.  Why? She is the strongest, prettiest, bravest, caring, person that I know.  She is strong because she has bills to pay, food to buy and cook, clean the house, and she has to care my brothers and me and her own kids.  She is very strong and I don’t know how she does it. She’s amazing!  She always tells me that we have our ups and downs and that we just have to be strong and wish for the best. She is like so strong and I love her and I feel like she doesn’t know that and I feel like I don’t do enough. She is also pretty. She is pretty with or without  makeup or dressing up and doing her hair. She is herself. She is also the bravest person I know because she is not afraid of making sacrifices to make our lives better. All she wants is for us to behappy. And last but not least she is caring. She is caring because right away when she knows that we have received our child support check, she takes care of our needs first.  She doesn’t say, “Well no let me go do this first for myself or her family.” No she goes right ahead and puts us first and let’s us get what we need.  When we don’t have our child support she gives us money so we can have what we need.  She gave my brother and me money for my fieldtrip when we didn’t have any money.  And another thing is that she is taking care of my brothers and me because nobody else wants to.   She lets us live in her house for free.  She is taking care of us when my mom and dad should be doing this.  She is like a mom to me.  She takes care of me, my brothers, her kids, her boyfriend, and herself. That is a lot and I don’t know how she does it.  I really appreciate what she has done for us.  I hope that when I grow up I will be just like her.  These are all the reasons why my sister is my role model and a great mom.

Mi Madre by Maria Isabel Gonzalez-Segura

Yo   tengo a  alguien  que siempre  estará  en mi  corazón  y ella  es  mi hermana  Elizabeth.  Ella es  fuerte  y lucha  por  mí. Es la  mejor  hermana que  he  querido. Es fuerte  hace  un esfuerzo  por  sus  4 hijos  y mas a mi. También le ayudo con  sus  niño pero  yo  estoy chiquita y  dice  que no  me preocupe. también mi  hermana es  inteligente  porque me  ayuda  con mi  tarea  y con  mis  problemas. Me hace  pensar  porque si  hace  mucho por  mi  yo la  quiero  mucho y  se  siente como   que  ella era mi  mama. Gracias  a ella  mi  vida es  feliz.  Mi hermana  es  valiente porque cuando  yo  estoy enferma  ella  me dice  hermanita  ponte los zapatos  vamos  ir al  hospital  y en  esos  momentos me  hace  llorar porque si  me  quiere y quiere que yo este  sana. Para que siempre  este  feliz. Lo mejor  de  mi hermana  es  que ES  LA  MEJOR  EN  EL  MUNDO. Ella era  la primera  en  bañarme  yo  la  amo y  siempre  la  voy a  querer   mi hermana es  mi  mejor  hermana  y  mejor amiga  Te quiero mi  hermanita chula.
*Winners of this regional contest were awarded free passes to Fiesta Texas (San Antonio, TX) and Schlitterbahn water park.A marketing team from Texas State University’s communications department created the contest parameters, reached out to schools for submissions and vetted entries for the following winners.

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