Latina Leaders in Business

By Areli Gonzalez & Jasmine Villa

In recent years, there has been an influx of Latina women in the workforce. Women have been gaining momentum as successful entrepreneurs in the business field and opening paths for the next generation of future business leaders. If you dream big and work hard, you’ll be part of the business elite sooner than you think.

Did you know? In the National Hispanic Heritage Month report, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported 60% of Latino women, ranging from ages 25-34, are in the workforce. The most popular industry in which Latino women are employed is education and health services, followed by wholesale and retail trade and leisure and hospitality. The same report also found more Latina women earn a doctoral degree today than they did before, passing their male counterparts. Between the 1990 and the 2000, Hispanic women earning a bachelor’s degree increased significantly! This opened up numerous opportunities for women to increase their education and start their own business. The National Women’s Business Council reported that “Hispanic women-owned firms across the country have receipts of $5. 7 billion.” That’s quite a lot of money and creates an ideal environment to open doors for Hispanic women to become one of the most successful minorities in the U.S.

If you love business, law, and finances, you’re in luck, because this growth period meant Hispanic women were expanding leadership roles and taking advantage of opportunities. Many of these opportunities are available today.

Want to be a savvy business woman? Here are four steps to go from a dreamy girl to a successful woman:

  1. Think about the careers you like the most and write them down on a piece of paper. 
    From opening up your own business to becoming the CEO of a company, there are different levels of business savvy. You can be the business owner selling one-of a kind items or the onlooker looking for the next great thing, but the main goal in every successful woman’s mind is to never stop dreaming big and working hard. The path to success is not the same for everyone, but by thinking ahead, visualizing your goals, and writing down a plan will be the jump start you need to transform from dreamy girl to successful woman. The only way you will not succeed is if you don’t do anything about it!
  2.  Mentors will be your BFF:
    A mentor can give the 411 on what to study, what opportunities to take and where to find them, as well as possibly introducing you to potential contacts that can help you succeed in the business field. Finding the right mentor may pose as a challenge, but keep in mind that a mentor can be a teacher or professor, not just the CEO of the company. Take the advice from Laura Werthman, a post-graduate [insert quote].
  3. Find an opportunity to work in that field, like shadowing, community service, or internships.
    Join an organization or apply for an internship. Internships and shadowing experiences gives you the hands on experience you need and give you a behind the scenes look at how a business is run.
    Don’t be shy and ask as many questions as you can about college and business savvy tricks. This is your opportunity to network with other like-minded chicas.


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