Latina Actresses Making a Difference

Whether they’re famous or not, these women are rising up the Latina pride. These women have achieved incredible things and they should be recognized for everything they’ve done, not just for being a pretty face or for being famous.

Rosario Dawson
Born in the US, Rosario Dawson has Puerto Rican and Afro-Cuban roots; she’s a singer, actress and writer. Rosario started her career at a very young age and has appeared in movies such as Sin City, Men in Black II, Cesar Chavez and many more.

Dawson is the co-founder of Voto Latino, she’s really passionate about promoting Latinos, raising awareness about Latinos; they are a big part of the US population, to promote Latino talent and to make people involved in political issues.

Besides her work with Voto Latino and according to, Dawson has worked with different organizations such as, Artists for Peace and Justice,, Global Cool, Make-A-Wish Foundation and ONE Campaign.


Zoe Saldana
She has Dominican and Puerto Rican roots and lived in Dominican Republic for 7 years, then moved back to the States to pursue her dancing dream and her love for theater.

Saldana has worked in movies such as Avatar, Guardians of the Galaxy, Start Trek and many more. In several occasions she has proven to be proud of her Latina roots, and after being on the cover of Glamour magazine she did an interview with Glam Belleza Latina where Saldana stated, “I am proud to be Latina. I will not accept [anyone] telling me that I’m less or whatever, because to me, that is just hysterical. But I don’t like to break and divide myself into all these small little categories like, ‘I’m an American, a woman, a Latina, a black Latina.’’ No. I am Zoe.”


Gina Rodriguez
Gina has been recognized majorly for her role on Filly Brown, and now following her big role as the star of the TV show Jane the Virgin. Rodriguez’s success has been thanks to the fact that she’s been working hard at a young age: performing, dancing, acting and studying in different art schools, always trying to improve. In her busy schedule Rodriguez also has managed her time and made space to work with different organizations. Rodriguez is supporter of Inspira, an organization dedicated to give attention to Latino leaders who help in their communities, Rodriguez has worked with the National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts.


Michelle Rodriguez

Known for always being the tough chick in many roles; the most significant one so far has been being part of the Fast & Furious saga. However, not only that, but Rodriguez has also made a name of herself by being different. Rodriguez has a personal mark and that has made a difference around the Hollywood actresses, she has proven that girls can be strong and still be intelligent and attractive.

Rodriguez has helped Sea Shepherd, an organization dedicated to stop the whale killing, and has also hosted different fundraisers for different organizations.

Karla Souza

Born in Mexico City, Souza has taken many risks to succeed in her acting career. She started with small roles on TV then began participating on big Mexican productions such as “We Are the Nobles” and “Instructions not Included”, which were a big hit in Mexico and got the attention from several other countries. Another of Souza’s dreams was to be a Hollywood actress; her family trusted her but they weren’t sure if she was going to make it, but Souza proved them wrong and made it. Souza is part of the TV show “How to Get Away with Murder” and has worked on many other movies who will be released later.

All of these women have different traits that have made them stand out from the rest, but there’s one thing they share: being Latinas. They have proven that dreams do come true, as long as you work hard and take risks. If one of your goals in life is to become an actress, it’s possible. The road is not easy, but just as these women, you can achieve it too!

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