Juanes – A Global Latino

Declared to be one of the most important figures of Latino music by Los Angeles Times and one of the top 100 most influential personalities by Time magazine, Juanes is known as the #1 rock Latino artist around the world.

Even though many people still think that Juanes is a band conformed of 2 or 3 people, “Juanes” actually stands for Juan Esteban. He is a Colombian singer that has overcome the barriers of language and culture with his music. So far, Juanes has been the first and only artist to sing in the European Parliament in Spanish. Also, he has been one of the few artists to reach high levels of popularity in Japan without speaking a single word of Japanese. But besides all his fame, popularity, and talent, Juanes is an artist who worries about social justice. For that reason he created his non-profit organization called “Mi Sangre Foundation” which focuses on helping landmine survivors of Colombia.

It needs to be said that Juanes’ uniqueness lies in the simplicity and originality of his songs. On each of his songs Juanes utilizes Colombian Guasca, which is the traditional music of Colombia; such music employs the usage of the accordion and guitar; the perfect example is Juanes’ song “Fijate Bien,” with which he launched his international career. But besides the music, are the lyrics of his songs, some call for peace and others make fun of the difficult issues we face in our daily lives.

But you’re probably asking yourself, why is this girl so interested in spreading the word about Juanes’ life? The answer is simple: I’m a 100% Juanes fan. My love for him started several years ago, when he was still part of Ekhymosis, a Colombian rock band that no longer exists. I can say that I would do everything for Juanes. Well let me rephrase; almost everything. My fascination for Juanes is such that when he came to El Paso, Texas for the first time I followed him to his hotel after his concert. My desire to obtain his autograph and have a picture with him was so great that I waited outside his hotel until six in the morning. You might be wondering if I was able to meet him and to my fortune I can say yes! He is one of those few artists that remain close to his roots despite all the fame he enjoys.

When Juanes returned to my hometown for the “La Vida es un Ratico,” I was not able to repeat the experience of following him, but at least I have the satisfaction of going to one of the best Juanes’ performances I have ever seen. In this particular concert, Juanes had a high-quality light show, full of effects, which made the concert more enjoyable and fascinating for his fans. Juanes sang most of the songs on his new album such as “Me Enamora”, “Gotas de Agua Dulce” and his most recent song “Tres,” which have become hits all over the country in a short period of time. He also interpreted the songs that made him popular such as “La Camisa Negra,” “Mala Gente” and “A Dios le Pido.”

After confessing my debility for Juanes, I just want to recommend that you to go to one of his concerts whenever you have a chance. I guarantee you’ll fall in love with him, the same way I did, and grateful that he shares his music talents with us. If you would like to know more about Juanes visit his website www.juanes.net/

January 2011

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