Is Your Friend a Keeper?

“Dime con quién andas y te diré quién eres,” a very popular and accurate Spanish saying that means, tell me with whom you hang out and I will tell you who you are. Friends are not just the people who we hang out with, or at least they shouldn’t be, friends have bits and pieces of you. They complement you and shape your personality. Whether you are 12 or 28, friends have a huge role in your life. They are companions, but most importantly they have a lot of influence over you. The way you dress, talk, and even walk.

This is why mom always knows best when she says; I don’t like your friend Ana very much, or do you have any other friends? — And the all time favorite— what about your friend Sofia? She is really nice, you should invite her more often. Parents know and you will too, with experience, that a true friend has your best interests at heart.

There are many ways to find out if your friend is a keeper. If you’re curious to see if your friend is a keeper, take the friendship test below to find out. Is your friend a keeper?

1.You just found out your friend is secretly texting or facebooking the guy you like.

A) You think that is okay, she is prettier than you anyway; a guy like him could never have noticed you.

B) You seek revenge by flirting with the guy she likes.

C) This would never happen, she knows that you like him and wants to see you guys together.


2. You want to go to the mall and are thinking about calling your friend to go with you.

A) Your shopping trip turns into hers, she always knows what to buy and where to go, you can’t even look around because she needs your “You look great” comment with everything she tries on.

B) The shopping trip turns into who can buy the most expensive clothes or make the most purchases. Fun!

C) Window shopping is allowed. Trying on different outfits and taking silly pictures and maybe buying a thing or two is always part of your shopping adventure.


3. You have not eaten all day and you feel like having everything in LARGE at the food court.

A) This is out of the question when your friend is always ordering salads or small portions, makes you feel like a fatty.

B) You suppress your hunger and grab something small, any calorie counts when you are both the same dress size.

C) You go for it! If your friend is not that hungry but you are, she would never make a smart comment about it and let you enjoy your meal.


4. You and your friend are in the same class and need to work on a school project together. Your teacher asks the team to grade each other’s participation on a piece of paper. You think your friend will write…

A) That she did all the work, that she was responsible for everyone to be on task.

B) You write that you were the responsible one and the leader and turn in your paper before she does. It is only fair, as she would do the same.

C) You trust her comment on you. You know there is no I in team.


5. You and your friend tried out for the dance team, when you get the results and find out that you made it but not her…

A) You keep it to yourself; she will eventually find out, and at that moment you just don’t know how to face her or how she would react.

B) You knew that all that all of those extra practices would pay off, and at the end the best dancer would win. It was only fair.

C) Before you even say anything she congratulates you. You know that she’s feeling a bit sad so you suggest a girls’ night out.


6. Your parents just got in a fight and said mean things to each other, you heard the whole thing and feel very sad about it. You call your friend…

A) Of course not! She doesn’t need to hear about your personal life, she is probably busy anyway.

B) You only share some details. You want to let her know that you are upset but you don’t want to say too much or she might bring it up later.

C) She knows all your history, so you only have to fill her in. She is a very good listener and you always feel better after you talk to her.


Mostly A’s. GET OUT of your friend’s shadow!

A friend that makes you feel that you are lucky by hanging out with her is not a friend. She is not letting you be you and you are too afraid to be yourself. A person who does not accept who you are or cares little about your feelings is not a person you should be around. This person is only making you feel insecure. Please change her name on your phone to STAY AWAY!


Mostly B’s. Survival of the fittest!

Competition is healthy in a friendship but there are boundaries. It’s ok to always want to know what your friend got on her test, but there is a difference between knowing and showing off that you did better than her. Let’s not exhaust ourselves with competition but support one another, those are the friends that count!


Mostly C’s. Friends? More like sisters!

You girls know each other very well and feel very comfortable with one another. You know that if one day you decide not to wear make up she won’t judge you or make a comment on your appearance. She feels happy for your achievements and you know that she will always be there for you through thick and thin. Please write this friend a letter of appreciation, and NEVER LET GO of her friendship.


Remember that a true friend…

  • Does not point out your flaws and when she has something negative to say she says it in a nice way, always caring about your feelings.
  • Does not take advantage of you. She knows that you would do anything for her but this does not mean everything.
  • She knows that your conversations are with each other and not with the rest of the world. When you pinky-promise you know that your secret is safe with her.
  • She is always willing to listen to your stories, whether they are good or bad, you know she has time for you.
  • She feels happy for your achievements and wants to be there for you. She is not envious of you but feels proud that you are doing great.

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