I Am Unique

These Latinitas share their confidence and let their unique beauty shine. To take a stand against Photoshopping of pictures of models in teen magazines and to promote a positive body image, they made artistic posters that embrace their differences and promote girl power.

I love to be different.

"I love being different because I have really short hair and I love to sing."

"I am not afraid to read and I am not afraid to be me."

"I love art, I'm funny, I love Channing Tatum, and I love being different."

I'm unique because I'm talkative.

"I do stuff that other people don't have to do. I dress how I want, I can be myself, and I am not a paper plate."

"I can be myself and I love to play sports."

I'm unique because I'm talkative.

"I'm smart, creative, funny, sweet, and caring"

"I'm unique because I'm smart and funny."

"I'm unique because I'm nerdy and creative."

"I'm funny, pretty, cool, awesome and artistic."

"I love being different. I can do many things. I am myself."

"I'm unique because I like to draw."

"I'm unique because you will never find anyone like me."

"I'm Unique because I'm smart and different."





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