How to Start Experimenting with Makeup

Deciding whether or not to wear makeup should come down to two things: if you want to and if you are comfortable with it! According to tenth grader Ana Rivera, girls should wear makeup “if they like it, not if they [feel] they need to [according to] someone else’s [opinion].” Twelfth grader Nancy agrees with Ana, saying: “[it] depends on them (girls) and how they feel about it.” Wearing (or not wearing) makeup is a personal decision. Glam it up or keep it natural because it is what makes you happy, not anyone else!


At What Age Should I Start?

Ah, the age old question. The answer is, well, there is no definite answer! In a series of interviews conducted for this article, high school girls gave a range of responses. Alyssa Ariola, a tenth grader says 13 is a good age for girls to start wearing makeup. For Adriana Cardiel, a  twelfth grader, 13 is too soon. “14 or 15” is an appropriate age for girls to start, she says. Nancy Palacio has a median answer, saying 14 is a preferable age to begin experimenting with makeup.

If age does not determine when you should wear makeup, what does? According to Beauty Fool blogger Renée, the best age to start wearing makeup is “whenever you feel you are ready to wear [it. Everyone is different, so a single answer does not fit everyone. Whenever you’re ready, go for it!

How Much Makeup Should I Wear?

For those of us starting out, it is tempting to want to try on everything in the makeup department; everything looks so pretty and fun! However, it is best to slowly “ease into it with little things,” according to Ana Rivera.

To play up your eyes, Adriana suggests wearing clear mascara and pencil eye liner. For your lips, Nancy suggests trying lipstick. If you are barely starting to wear make up, soft pinks are the way to go. Leave those dramatic hot pinks, reds, browns or purples for when you are older and more experienced with makeup. If you want to take it a step further, you can sweep on a little blush, according to Nancy. Keep in mind: you do not have to wear all of this stuff at once! It depends on what features you want to bring out.

Now What?

Now that we have answered some of your big makeup-related questions, the choice is up to you. If you feel like you are ready to experiment with makeup: go for it and have fun, because makeup should be fun. Never feel obligated to change the way you look because of peer pressure or because you feel you are not “good enough.” You’re already perfect, chica.

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