Hispanic Mother Daughter Program

The Hispanic Mother Daughter Program can help you find the answers to these questions. This program will show you the benefits of a college degree and help you get in. The Hispanic Mother-Daughter Program has numerous college prepartory programs across the nation that focus on helping young Latinitas like you go to college. Many young Latinas in Texas, Arizona and New Mexico are getting a head start in planning for college through this program.

Sonia P. Briseno, the Assistant Director of the Junior League Hispanic Mother Daughter Program in Austin, Texas, says that her organization is geared specifically toward Latina girls and their families.

We have a career fair in February where Latina professionals come in and talk to girls and say ëI came from a poor family, and now Iím a lawyer. I drive a nice car, I have all these nice things, and this is what I do at work. You can too.

Often times the daughters are the first ones in the family to go to college, says Sonia. Most parents want their daughters to attend college, but they don’t know what the process is. That leaves girls uninformed and unprepared.

Soniaís organization works with mothers or other females who raise daughters, for example grandmothers or aunts, teaching them what to expect when their own Latinita goes off to college.

They offer Saturday sessions where both the Latinitas and their mothers learn about financial aid, and how to get money for college. And they bring the mothers together for support sessions where mothers with older girls can give advice on how to handle difficult situations.

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By Alicia Rascon

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