Ana Quinones, 20 Latinitas Under 20

Name: Ana Quinones

Age: 17

Hometown: El Paso, TX

Volunteer Experience

Ana participates in many community service organizations, such as the NAtional Honor Society and the L.E.A.D program at Socorro High School. She volunteers her weekends at the Humane Society of El Paso on her own account, and she also participates in events held at the Lee Moor Childrens Home. She is passionate about respect, no matter what level of authority she is at in an organization the most important characteristic is respect. What motivates her is the need to help.

What challenges has she overcome?

Her stepfather and I seperated early in 2009, and her brother myself (her mother) and her moved to a different state. Her older cousin passed away, she was extremely close to him and she wasn’t emotionally stable for a while. She realized that her passion was to help people and to get ahead. She started overcoming the obstacle little by litte. Recently her best friend passed away as well. Her grandmother taught her all about respect and has always played a big part in her life. When she passed, she spiraled into a silent depression once again. Only later to decide that her happiness would come from helping people.

What makes her a leader?

She is the Vice-President of the Teatrista Theater program at Socorro High School. Last year she took on the office shair of Historian, and the year before that she was inducted to the International Thespian Society. In August of 2012, she directed a major play on the main stage named The Suessification of Romeo and Juliet. During the summer she took on the direction of a theater camp for over 35 kids, she is also head of the Anti Bullying committee at SHS, and works closely with her principals and fellow administrators.

What extra-curricular activities is she involved in?

She love to act and is very passionate about the arts. She loves to put on a great performance and calls herself an “entertainer.” She not only loves theater but she also appreciates artwork, dance, and choir. One of her favorite pasttimes is reading, she can submerge herself in a book for hours.

How is she a good example and positive role model to other girls?

Her most outstanding trait is that she respects herself as a person first, then as a woman. She always teaches her younger brother that respect is the very key to success. It is difficult for her to not preach good lessons. She is very good with the youth and values their ideas.

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