Have the Best School Year

latina student with backpackAs the freedom of the summer comes to an end to welcome the new school year, students go back to their normal routines of school, homework, projects, presentations, quizzes, and tests. All the stress comes back and our life focuses on school. Many students spend their time going to school, then going home, eating, relaxing, and doing homework; it is the same routine over and over every single day. Instead of sticking to the same and boring routines, everyone should do something to spice up their lives. Of course, students need to concentrate on school because that is the number one priority. Once all that concentration is done, then why shouldn’t you be able to reward yourself with something fun? Here are a few things that we should think about doing that can bring excitement to your life when we are finished with all of our school obligations to enjoy every single of day the year. Once homework is done and the weekends are free, use your time wisely and make this the best school year ever.

1. Join a club at school. Groups like student council, community service clubs, honor society, band and art club let you meet new people, learn new things and it will look good on your college application.

2. Create a community project. Use your spare time to make a difference. Take action related to a cause you care about. Raise awareness against bullying, collect clothes for the less fortunate or help out at your local animal humane society.

3. Participate in an internship. You can get an internship at a magazine such as Latinitas or in the field in which you like to work in when you grow up. It is a good way to explore possible future careers, get references and start gaining experience.

4. Take a new class. Is there anything you have always wanted to try? It’s your time! Take an extra elective or sign up for a class at a local recreation center.

5. Read books for fun. Let your mind wander and explore new places by reading a new book and joining a book club. You can also put pen to paper and become your own author.

6. Explore your city. Become a tourist in your own hometown. We can learn so much by exploring our own city. Visit museums, theaters, monuments or historical sites.

7. Get creative. Make an arts and craft project that expresses yourself. Redecorate your room. Make your do-it-yourself project by making your own jewelry or purse. Connect with the craft chica in you.

8. Learn how to play a new sport. Try something new or simply improve your skills at a sport you already know. Stretch by doing yoga or sign up for a dance class. Join a team sport, try out for a varsity team on campus, go on a hike or sign up to walk a marathon.

9. Pick a new hobby. Learn how to play a new instrument. Become more culturally aware by learning a new language. Become an author.

10. Be a mentor to someone smaller than you. Tutor a younger sibling or a cousin. Offer to take care of cute little kids by being a babysitter.

This year should be the year that we have some time to relax, do something interesting or do something new. In the process we may discover a new passion or learn more about ourselves. Everyone should stop watching life pass by and happen on TV, but actually live it and love it. Your youth is the time when you get to explore and try new things to discover yourselves, what you truly enjoy and who you are. Besides, if you don’t do it now, when will you?

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