Growing Up in San Elizario

Growing up in the small town of San Elizario, that has recently become a city of its own, was definitely a  great experience. It serves as an escape from the “city life” and you’re allowed to have a pet horse in your backyard! Located near the border of Texas, New Mexico and Mexico, San Elizario is just about 20 minutes away from the El Paso city limits. Anywhere you go there is always a chance that you will bump into someone you know.

San Elizario History

San Elizario is home to much history including the San Elizario Chapel which was originally a presidio established by Spaniards. According to the San Elizario Genealogy and History Society, “the Spanish military had established a fort about thirty miles east of Los Tiburcios (near present day Fort Hancock, Texas) which they had named San Elceario, in honor of the Catholic Church’s saint and a patron of the military. 1700‘s – In 1789 they relocated the military base to the Hacienda de Los Tiburcios to protect the residents from the Apaches. With the help of the local people, the military built a large presidio (garrison). A chapel was built inside the presidio to serve the military and their families. From El Presidio de San Elceario, soldiers traveled in various directions to wherever their services were needed. A town grew around the Presidio.”

Park: Across from the church is the local park where many citizens go to as soon as the afternoon hits. From running to playing soccer match, or shooting a basketball with friends.

Art & Culture: The then presidio is now home to art galleries where local artists sell and exhibit their art work including painters, sculpture’s, and a boot maker! It is known as a National Historic District and home to the first jail in San Elizario now the Old El Paso County Jail Museum. It also includes a Veteran Memorial Museum and Los Portales Museum and Information Center located by the Plaza in front of the church.

Food: El Bandido-Restaurant and Bar is just toward the left of the Old El Paso County Jail Musuem.

Staying proud and local San Elizario also has its own supermarket which is said to have begun as only a fruit stand and has expanded its stores to neighboring towns such as Fabens, Texas.

Of course if the craving for “Azadero” cheese needs to be fulfilled the best place to go is Licon Dairy Farm where a bag can be purchased for just four dollars!

Charity: Local organizations help and donate to the food bank in San Elizario at 1444 Main St helping plenty of families by receiving bags of food every Thursday.

Attractions:  You can also visit the Licon Dairy Farm petting zoo and feed friendly goats, llamas, or a camel and  run from ducks or perhaps relax and catch a catfish at their fishing pond.

Events: The Historic District has events year round, from free tours, to ghost tours at night, art markets, reenactments and plays.

A variety of activities are available and an escape from the busy city life can be had by walking or taking a run out on the edge of town by cotton fields. Nearby is the Tigua Recreation and Wellness Center in Socorro, Texas where a gym is available and concerts are also held.

Its a great place to live and relax.

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