Quiz: Are You a Gossip Girl?

Are you gossip obsessed?

Can you be trusted with important or embarrassing information? What do you do when others turn their backs? Take this quiz to find out! Jot down your answers and quiz yourself.

1. Your crush finally asks you out, you…
A. Send out a bulletin on MySpace.
B. Call your BFF immediately.
C. Write about it in your diary.

2. You hear your abuelita and mom talking about your favorite aunt, you…
A. Run and tell her. She has a right to know!
B. Ask you mom later what it was about.
C. Tell your abuelita and mom to talk to your aunt directly.

3. When you hear that your friend’s crush is going to ask her to a quinceañera, you…
A. Go tell her congratulations! Before he can even ask her.
B. Tell all your friends immediately.
C. Make sure you call her after and say congrats!

4. Your main source of celebrity news is…
A. PerezHilton.com
B. What you hear people talking about.
C. Yahoo!

5. Your abuelita finally tells you the family secret to making tamales, you…
A. Tell your friend’s mom who has been asking you for it.
B. Try to find a way to make money off of it.
C. Don’t even tell anyone. They will just want you to tell them.

6.  Your friend tells you that her parents are getting divorced, you…
A. Try to work her story into your English essay on marriage.
B. Tell your other friends to comfort her.
C. Tell her that she can call you anytime she needs to talk.


Personality Types:

Mostly A’s: Gossip Girl
People must be careful with what they tell you! You live for gossip; the juicier the better. Just remember that it isn’t so fun when the gossip is about you, so try to respect other’s privacy. XOXO.


Mostly B’s Social Gossiper
You might enjoy the occasional chat by the water cooler, but you realize that there’s more to life than spilling other’s people’s business. Just don’t let it become a major part of your friendships.


Mostly C’s Secret Keeper
Your lips are sealed! Your friends can trust you with their deepest, darkest secrets without having to worry about others finding out. Hopefully, you have others you can confide in too!

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