My Best Friend, My Mom

Girls at parkA mom is considered a blessing. Moms learn to love their child with a love that cannot be compared to anything, because this type of love is the type that will do anything for that little person. Part of her heart already belongs to you, but is already scared. She is terrified of someone hurting you, of losing you, and is scared of failing as a mother. A book with instructions on how to raise the perfect child does not exist.

Coping with an Overprotective Mom

 Right away, a mom has the urge to protect you to a point that is considered being overprotective. This might get annoying, but be patient and try to understand where she is coming from. There will be a moment in our lives where we have to try to understand them — even if we think they are being “overprotective.” You are trying to be more independent, but to your mom you will always be her bebé and she is worried about what will happen to you. When we grow up we often feel more independent, and want to do everything by ourselves. It will be natural for a mom to intervene and try to stop a decision we sometimes think is super important. Sometimes she will intervene so much the relationship will get to a point where a mother and daughter may not speak to each other. Talk to your mom to see why she is being overprotective, and listen instead of resorting to shouting.Try to see if you can take additional responsibilities and how you can gain her trust. Talking instead of shouting will not only strengthen the relationship, but you will be able to see her side of the story.

Alexis Bobadilla, 18, recalls the time when she used to fight with her mom. She was 13 when she decided to choose the wrong type of people. Her mom always tried to stop her from making mistakes that Alexis would regret in a future. Unfortunately, Alexis took her advice the wrong way, and decided to go against her mom’s will. When she became a senior, she realized that she was doing something wrong. She came to her senses and she was able to establish a great relationship with her mom.

“I just realized that I was wrong, and I needed to trust her more, and take her advice, now my relationship with her is amazing,” Bobadilla said.

Strengthening the Relationship with Mom

            Growing up we think we know everything, but we sometimes underestimate the knowledge of a woman who has been through everything. Having a great a relationship with your mom it is not always simple, but it is worth fighting for. You will eventually need your mom for advice; from boys to clothes or from school to raising your own kid, she is not afraid of guiding you. If you are having a difficult time getting along with your mom, try talking to her more to make her feel like you value her opinion. Having a healthy relationship with your mom not only affects you, but your family as well, because pride can be very toxic in a relationship.

          One of the best ways to strengthen the relationship with your mom is by greeting her every time she comes home; following the greeting with a simple question, such as “ How was your day, mom?” These little things are a good way to start a conversation, and speak about the things that happened in your day. Communication is the key in order to have a good relationship with your mom.

            Sometimes it is hard for a mom to understand that her baby is not longer a baby; moms get super attached to them, so when they are already all grown up it is hard for them to let go. Daniela, 21, relates to this. “My mom and I were close, but, as I grew up, I started to get away from her, and she resented it,” Daniela said.

            Yes, we do tend to become distant from our mom during certain times of our lives, but it is important to keep talking to her, and to always find a way to improve the relationship with her. The main reason to have a great relationship with our mom is because there isn’t a bond like the mother and daughter. Your mom may or not be your best friend, but there isn’t an advice like the one that your mother gives you. You will have your differences, but, like any other relationship, you must overcome the bumps on the road.

            Your mom will always be there for you no matter what happens in life. The hardest job is to be a mom. Your mom is one of the few people in the work you can fully trust, and will love you no matter what. Life is too short to keep fighting; try your best understand, forgive, and start over if you are having a rocky relationship with your mom.

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