Q&A: Advice By Latinitas

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Q. One day I was getting ready to go to my friend’s house. We started playing tag with our brothers. My friend and I were trying to run away and she accidentally hit herself with some decorations that were on the floor. So she got hurt. She started bleeding and got mad at me because she thought that I was the one responsible for the problem.

A. I should let her calm down and leave her alone. I should explain to her that I wasn’t close to her when that happened.

– Advice by Karen Rodriguez


Q. Once upon a time there lived a girl with glasses, my best friend. We have not fought yet. Every time we get the chance to see each other our friendship grows stronger. Even though we are always crazy, we both know that we love each other. She is the sister I never had. When ever we need each other she is always there for me. She helps me whether its doing the right thing, picking out clothes we can’t decide on, or just giving each other advice. We always defend each other no matter what.

A. If you ever get in a fight you should talk it out and say sorry. Say how you feel about the problem you are having.

-Advice by Carolina Guerrero


Q. Me and my best friend had a silly argument about a guy. We found out that we had a crush on the same person. She told me that maybe I could find someone else to crush on. That is when the argument started. She told people to be her friend and not mine and I did the same. At the end of the argument and the fighting, he told us that he wasn’t interested in girls. I did not want to know what that meant. The next day we were best friends again and promised not to let a guy ruin our friendship, till the new guy came and he caught both of our eyes.

A. Talk to the guy and find out who he likes and try to find out some things you don’t like about him.

-Advice by Aliris L.


Q. My friend and I were getting ready to do a project for science and she wasn’t cooperating. On the next night of working on our project she comes and she still doesn’t help. On the next day in class my friend realizes I changed the project, so she gets mad because we were assigned parts and I had forgotten to put them in. She gets mad and I tell her she didn’t do anything and the project wasn’t working, so I was really mad at her and she wouldn’t believe me.

A. I should have told the teacher before so I could have had some confidence, to stand up for myself.

– Advice by Fernanda Guerra


Q. My friend Jello and I had been together since the beginning of fifth 5th grade. She was nice, cooperative, friendly, and funny. It was the middle of the 6th grade year after I had gotten out of alternative school that she started to date this guy JC (he’s a big time jerk!) After they broke up she changed… a lot! I didn’t like it she was mean, bossy, rude, and jealous. My friend, Clock, got mad too and confronted Jello on how she had changed. The next day she got mad at me! She told me I was the one that changed, but I just left her alone and haven’t talked to her since then.

A. Say you’re with your friends and you see your crush. You want to hang with him, but you already made a commitment with your friends. What do you do? You don’t ask your crush to join, because he doesn’t want to hang out with girls. You wait if he asks you to hang out, then you can leave your friend and say next week you’ll hang out.

-Advice by Alissa Saenz


Q. Every Friday at my school we sell snacks like Nachos and this one time my friend had thought I stole her dollar. She told the teacher and I had a dollar too that day. She thought it was her original dollar. I told her I didn’t take it, but the teacher believed her and made me giver her my dollar.

A. You should tell your friend that you honestly didn’t do anything. By being honest you should have gotten your money back.

– Advice by Daniela Soto

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