Get Real: Boosting Self-Esteem

Butterfly logoOur Latinitas club talked about self-esteem issues and wrote about a time they felt they had low confidence. Then they gave advice to each other on these issues and moments.

“I’m always fighting with my siblings. I don’t feel good that my older sister is better in soccer than me. Also, I don’t feel very secure when I don’t pass the tests that we have. Also, on Instagram my sister posted a picture of myself and they said that I looked ugly and fat.”

Advice: You shouldn’t really care what they think about you, what matters is what you think about yourself. You should feel glad for your sister because there might be things you are good at and she is not. Nobody in this world is perfect and  it’s never wrong to feel insecure. You are not fat or ugly.

“I would get bullied because of how short I was so one of these guys would call me “shorty” I know this may not hurt others but it does to me because I have been through a lot in the past so it hurts.”

Advice: You should talk to your sister and papi and Destiny. “Shorty” can hurt a lot. You should talk to them about how you feel.

“When I was little I felt bad about myself because my parents couldn’t afford buying me a certain kind of clothes, so the kids used to bully me. I never told anyone or said anything because that was the only person I could hang out with. So when I would wear that clothes I felt bad for myself like, ‘why can’t I just be like everybody else?’ I just felt bad because I never said anything.”

Advice: My advice to you is to not care about what people say about how you look. You should care what’s inside of you.


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