Friendship Mistakes

Friendships are often complicated and can end up in sticky situations where people get hurt. There are certain guidelines than can damage your relationship. Here are 5 friendship mistakes you should avoid :

1.) Using toxic words: Verbal abuse entails, yelling, using profane language or belittling others. When you are verbally abusive to someone, you are damaging your relationship with that person. Don’t be a toxic friend, treat your loved with respect. If a loved one is abusive toward you, you should be honest and talk to them about how it’s affecting you. Try and communicate effectively rather than be verbally abusive.

2.) Being selfish: There is nothing worse than being around a person who is selfish. Not knowing how to share your personal possessions and things can cause friction in your relationships. Rather than keep things to yourself, try sharing things with others. Don’t treat your friend or loved one like a possession. Share your time equally with all your friends and don’t be jealous if your loved one spends time with other people.

3.) Holding in your feelings: Keeping in your thoughts and feelings can be detrimental in your relationships. The only way to change things in the relationships is not by ignoring the problem or expecting them to realize what they did wrong. If you are unhappy with the relationship communicate with the person with whom you have a problem with. Remember, no one is a mind reader and if you have a problem no one will know about it unless you let it be known.

4.) Not having enough time to keep in touch: Life can get really hectic, especially as you get older and have to take on new and more time consuming responsibilities. Make sure to always find time for the people you love, no matter how crazy life gets. Even if it’s only a phone call or text message, let them know you haven’t forgotten about them and that you care about how they are doing. Also remember when you ignore others when they are in a time of need, they could grow distant. When a relationship isn’t as close as it used to be, it may difficult to have things go back to normal.

5.) Being possessive and jealous: Being jealous of those you love can lead to bad things. Being jealous entails many different forms. You can be jealous of the things your loved one has, or you can be possessively jealous and not want to share the people you love with the world. Either form of jealousy should be avoided, since it will only result in problems in your relationships and lead those you love to break away from your relationship with them.

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