Fingertip Fashion- Nailed It!

A girl’s hands have an image of its own and are able to express themselves through colors and accessories just like any outfit. Dressing your fingertips in colorful nail polishes has taken a twist from the average French Manicure every lady was sporting a few years ago. Stickers, rhinestones, stripes, hearts, polka dots, and a wide variety of colors that don’t match have all come together to dress your nails in unique art.

You can create your own figure fashion expression without the expense of a salon with the latest nail polishes and press-ons. Sally Beauty Supply offers small bottles of nail polishes available in a variety of colors for only one dollar. It is a great offer if you are seeking to experiment and try something new. However, if you want to think outside the box, then 3D options are also available in stickers and rhinestones. The majority of accents can be found in the beauty section of pharmacies and even at the mall at Claire’s. It also never hurts to look around downtown in your home city for cheap offers on large quantities of supplies.

Whether you decide to bling up your style or get creative with the brushes, just have fun with the illustrations you place on your fingertips! Even if it is a simple stripe across the nail, you are already doing something unique that no other girl will have because there is a large variety of combinations in colors on which way you can go!

Pastel nail polish

Pastel nail polishes mixed in with strong or neon colors accentuate each other and make a great bold combination.

Home made manicure

Rock a twist to your manicure by drawing playful stripes on top of your nail polish. A thin nail marker typically makes the job easier to control and adding a clear coat to your finished piece will help protect the design from chipping fast.

Blends of nail polishes

Can't decide which nail polish to go for? Mix it up! A simple coat of yellow mixed in with orange will also add a hint of pink and give your manicure an extra splash.

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