Express Yourself

Growing up there are tons of pressures from school to issues with friends and family.  These chicas have found creative outlets to express themselves, let out their feelings, deal with emotions and destress.

“I write in my journal or take a run. I don’t like talking about my emotions.”
-Kylah, age 12

“I express my emotions by drawing, writing and listening to music. When I’m sad I usually draw my emotions. If I’m angry, I listen to music that reflects my emotions. I write in my diary everyday talking about what is on my mind and I’m feeling.”
-Katrina, age 13

“We can express our feelings in a healthy way. To feel happy, you can like help each other on stuff. When you are sad, you can do a journal and write about it. When you are angry, make something that would make you feel good or happy. When I am nervous, I make an effort and do the best I can.”
-Jacqueline, age 11

When I’m sad, I start crying. When I’m nervous I just think about positive things. When I’m angry, I go to my room and yell in the pillow. I think of JB (Justin Bieber) and he makes me happy.
-Katlyn, age 12

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