Elizabeth Lara, 20 Latinitas Under 20

Elizabeth Lara
Age: 17
Heritage: Mexican-American
Hometown: Cd.Juarez, Mexico

Volunteer Experience:
I have volunteereed at school selling concessions during volleyball games, hosting fundraisers, participating in canned food drives, contributing to coat drives and at school festivals I have worked certain booths. Also, I have participated in the LULAC convention for women and for the BMW Passion for Fashion event to raise funds for AIDS.

Biggest Challenge:
The biggest challenge I have overcome, is speaking in front of a large group of people. Recently, since I am the Historian for the Dual Language Advisory Board at school, we had a convention with over 300 students, teachers from all over the district, and the Ambassador from Spain. The representatives from every school had to give a speech on what the club was doing at the schools, and also explaining the importance o f speaking both languages. I had to give part of the speech, and even though I was a nervous wreck at first, I managed to give a good explanation, hence overcoming that insecurity.

Leadership Experience:
Some of my leadership experiences is being the soccer captain for two consecutive years. All the younger girls look up to me for advice on and off the field. The feeling of helping someone excel is indescribable, especially when they take the time to go and say “thank you”.

Clubs & Activities:
I am on the yearbook staff at school, on the Dual Language Advisory Board, and I am on the soccer team. I am also part of the organization called Fellowship of Christian Athletes; this is a place to create bonds with students from all the different sports all over campus.

I think the fact that I never settle for average is something that makes me a role model for other people. I have always been taight to go for the extra and never to give up. Girls can be very insecure at times, but I have learned everyone has virtues and weaknesses that with time will turn into strengths.

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