DIY Room Decor & Organization

Have you ever felt the necessity to organize your room and to make it look pretty at the same time? Recycling is important and also an affordable way to create decorations for your bedroom. As teenagers we tend to leave stuff everywhere around our rooms, but there’s a way to combine creativity, organization, and our cute chic items that we leave lying around. Here are some easy eco-friendly ideas to spice up your room:

Makeup brush holder

This is a really simple organizational project that you can make with minimal tools. You will need a big empty candle jar or a jam jar. First you need to clean the jar and remove the left over product and any labels on the jar. Once the jar is clean you can fill it with coffee beans, rice or beads. Fill up about ¼ of the jar with the content of your choice. This will keep your make up brushes in place. To decorate the jar you can add a colorful bow to the front of the jar. Then insert your makeup brushes into the jar and enjoy your accessible makeup brush holder!



Makeup palette organization storage

If you are a makeup junkie and you do not know how to store your make up palettes, here is a simple and reusable project. Everybody has a plastic CD or DVD holder which can also turn into makeup palette storage. You can spray paint the plastic CD holder so that it will match your room and to make it more unique.



Ring and Earring Storage

A simple and inexpensive way to keep your jewelry organized by using plastic ice cube trays. You can paint the tray with different colors and patterns to make it look more colorful. In each slot you can put a pair of earrings or rings. Another way you can organize your earrings and rings is by using an egg carton that you can easily paint with watercolors or acrylic paint. It is an easy way to reuse objects that you have at home.




Jewelry Holder

To organize your jewelry you will need two cups and two plates that you will never use again. First you need to place a plate on a flat surface and with a hot glue gun you can glue the bottom of the cup to the plate. Next you need to glue the second plate to the top of the cup. Finally you glue the last cup to the top of the plate. Now you can enjoy your cute jewelry holder and if you will like to glam it up you can glue rhinestones or stickers to the cups.

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