Diary: Discovering My Faith


Photo Credit: Claudia Mendoza

What religion are you? Non-denominational Christian

How often do you go to church? I go every other Friday for the young adult ministry and then every Sunday. I try to go to the youth ministries also.

What type of events do you go to at your church?
We are having a young adult conference and taking a trip to a very prestigious church in Dallas, Texas.  They also had a retreat in New Mexico and it was really nice in the middle of the forest in a really cabin. For Easter, we went to a big theater and they had famous Christian signers.

What do you like most about your church?
I really like the way they praise and worship they do it with such enthusiasm. When they preach, they try to relate it to their life. They don’t judge you for sinning, they want to make everyone welcome. When you are new, they really reach out to you to make you feel at home and they are my second home. We hangout outside of church with the friends I’ve met there. Some of those friends are life-long friends. We text daily with some of those friends. They really do outreach to get the youth involved, and they do a lot of events for them.  They also give scholarships to high school seniors based on an essay describing what they’ve accomplished.

I have an app for the bible. You pick a theme and then it gives you a bible verse related to that theme each day, like a devotional.  What I like about my church is that they live stream on the computer. They have a media team that does all the announcements, makes flyers, control lights, sound and the projector.  They have a Twitter and Instagram for each ministry and then they have a main Facebook.

How did you get introduced to the church?
It has been a year since I went to Destiny Church because of my ex-boyfriend. He introduced me to the church. He grew up in that church. My family was Catholic, but not very religious. My faith is stronger than my family, and I always wanted to be involved in a church. I really understand the word. Even after we broke up, everyone reached out to me to persuade me to stay. My mom gets upset when she hears I want to get baptized in a Christian church. Now, I am even more involved.  It would get to my heart and make me cry. It really hits you. I go every weekend.

What does your faith mean to you?
Growing up, I wish I would have had a stronger faith. It would have kept me away from making some mistakes and being as reckless as I was. Being a part of a church home and being around good people can really keep you away from bad things; you learn to value yourself. Growing up, I had so much anger and doubt. They teach you how to be kind to others. It humbles you. It helps you with any kind of relationship family, friends or boyfriends. They try to prevent a broken heart. Having something to believe in really gives you hope. You can have a bad day and loss your happiness, but you will never loss your joy. They show you people who help you grow.

How involved are you in your church?
Every church gathering has a different topic and they relate it to contemporary issues. They will talk relationships, how to get over a break-up, school, not giving up, they talk about dealing with non-believers, and they talk about your purpose in life.  They bring out stories of the bible and talk about the metaphors. Everybody understands the stories differently.

What service/ministries have you done?
We’ve collected supplies and food for kids in need, immigrants, and for the Child Crisis Center. We’ve collected baby outfits for babies at the Child Crisis Center. Whoever gets the most donations gets a gift card. We had a basketball tournament to raise money to support the troops. For Thanksgiving, we try to get a lot of donations of food – last year we filled 3 18-wheelers with boxes of food to give them everything they needed for Thanksgiving.

What values or teachings are the most important to you?
I love how they preach and praise. Everyone speaks up and they yell out Yes, Preach or Amen. They like to make service fun. They always say that we are here to celebrate. The choir sings beautifully. It is very entertaining. They have a dance team, a pianist and bass guitar. They try to relate the message to something we have experienced. They stress that they want us to be a part of the community. Sometimes you really need people there to support you. They create that sense of a welcoming community. You do not leave church without meeting someone new.

What is your favorite church teaching or bible verse?
My favorite message from the bible is  Proverbs 31. My favorite part is: “She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.When she speaks, her words are wise, and she gives instructions with kindness.”

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