Book Review: Dear Bully

Dear Bully is a book by Megan Kelley Hall & Carrie Jones. This book was inspired by a tragic event that happened on January 14, 2010 related to bullying.  That year in Massachusetts (hometown of the author of the book) a girl name Phoebe Prince committed suicide after months of being bullied by nine students of South Hadley High School. When this news came out, Megan Kelley was shocked to see how far all this bullying has gone. She decided to bring different authors together and tell their stories about how they were bullied, being a bully or witness bullying.

This book speaks for itself. Megan Kelley and Carrie Jones wrote an amazing book that is full of emotional, interesting, sad, and shocking stories about bulling. The 70 authors in this book have shared their stories; some are heartbreaking, others are more uplifting. This book makes you feel stronger the more you read it.

There are a lot of different stories that will shock you and even make you feel bad for that person. This book has stories not only about girls, but guys as well that were bullied when they were younger.

The story from Marlene Perez is kind of similar to the Mean Girls movie. One day she found one of her friend’s books, forgotten at the school gym.  It was called a “slam book” and it was filled with people talking about other people (including her). When she opened it, she found out that a lot of people were talking about her and making things up. What hurt her most was when she recognized the handwriting of her “friend” in that book talking about how she had big boobs, but such a small brain. She felt hurt and betrayed to see how this person whom she thought was her friend showed her true colors. Marlene couldn’t stop thinking of how she thought they were friends but in reality, weren’t. When her friend came, she had a look of panic on her face. Marlene asked if she lost something, but she said she didn’t. Marlene then said, “Yeah, I thought I lost something, too, turns out I never even had it!”

There’s also stories like Grace, where she thought love existed. This story tells how Grace faced the fake side of what she thought was her love. Gabe was her boyfriend of over 8 months; they spent pretty much all their time together at her house playing, laughing, and taking sexy pictures of themselves with their phones to send them to each other when they were away. She was away on a trip with her parents when she started seeing pictures of her boyfriend with other girls at parties. A couple of days passed and Gabe wasn’t answering her text messages; girls who appeared on the pictures with him started friend requesting Grace on Facebook and posting really mean words on her wall such as “fat,” “ugly,” and “skank.” These girls were saying they saw her naked pictures in her boyfriend’s phone. She was sad and couldn’t stop crying; she hated herself for everything. All she could think was, “I can’t believe that I trusted stupidly in Gabe.”

Stories like these can be similar to events that we may be living through this moment. This book is perfect for someone who is being bullied, being the bully, or a witness. Young people and adults need to read Dear Bully because it actually teaches a lot about the subject. This book shows that you are not alone, that there are people out there who you can turn to for help and that you should not let yourself down.  It’s a very powerful book that will have anyone who reads it wondering how they can get help.

Dear Bully captures the stories of 70 famous authors.  These people were bullied and survived to become successful people now. Their traumatic bulling experiences are left behind, but they made them who they are today. If they became successful after their bullying experience, then others can learn from this and overcome their obstacles as well.  Bullying happens because we see others as more powerful than we are.  There is something stronger than any punch in the face; a rumor or being called a name can sting just as badly. Your voice can help you stop a bully.  Speak loudly, stand up for yourself, encourage yourself to be brave and don’t let anyone bring you down.

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