Crash Landing Into the Spotlight

Spring break for many students means spending time at the beach but other more adventurous students prefer the city adrenaline. One place where spring breakers find themselves is visiting music festivals or going to a concert, like the South by Southwest Music Film festival, or SXSW, in Austin, Texas or Coachella in California.

In a music festival, not only do the popular bands get the chance to perform in front of their fans, those same fans have the chance to hear some of the less-known bands. The less-known bands have one shot to make those fans listen and attract them to their music.

Recently, these great acts performed at the SXSW festival.


Bajofondo is made up of eight musicians from Argentina and Uruguay. The band was formed in 2002 with members Gustavo Santaolalla, Juan Campodonico, Luciano Supervielle, Martin, Ferres, Veronica Loza, Javiery Casalla, Gavriel Casacuberta and Adrian Sosa.

The band was received with open arms due to their quirky mix of different variation of musical genres. Their dance-able music is a mix of tango, electronic, Latin Alternative and house music. Their music is perfect to work out at the gym, dance with that cute boy or just to jump up and down to at a sleepover.

Here’s a video of a performance they did during SXSW:

Gaby Moreno

Gaby Moreno is a Guatemalan singer, songwriter and guitarist. Moreno has been in the music business since 1997 and her music can be described as a mix of blues, jazz and R&B. Her songs can be found in English and Spanish.

Moreno is a very talented artist, having a huge following in the Latin American countries after she recorded a song with Ricardo Arjona. Moreno has had a lot of critical success and her songs are perfect to sing along in the shower. Just think of her as the Spanish Mariah Carey.

Here’s a video of a performance and interview:

Crash Boom Bang

Crash Boom Bang is a band from the Washington DC/northern Virginia area. The band is made up of drummer Mauricio Rivero, bassist Raul Rivero, singer Omar Ruiz and guitarist Chaucer Hwang.

Latinitas was able to get an interview with Mauricio Rivero, the drummer for Crash Boom Bang.

What inspired the band name?

The name came from a tentative lyric that we have from an older song of ours. We started writing music before we actually even had a band name. There was this one lyric that we sang Crash Boom Bang to. We were like, “it’s not going to stay. We are going to change it.” One day, we were like, “we need a band name. We need something that sounds big with large lights.” Our singer was the one that came up with naming our band.

I read on Tumblr that you are South American. Do you think your culture affects your music?

You know what, I don’t know. I want to say no, not really. Just because the area we are from, Washington DC, it’s such a mix pot of so many different cultures that we are friends with everybody. Raul and I, our parents are from Bolivian Peru and there is definitely no Bolivian Peruvian influence in our music. But, I really can’t say if our music is influenced by it.

How would you describe your music then?

Uhm, I would have to say electronic pop with a side of rock if that makes sense.

What are your favorite songs to perform?

Okay. My favorite song to perform to would be from our most recent record, the song Save Me. That is my favorite song to perform. A lot of times we will open up our set to that song. My other favorite song to perform would be a new song that we haven’t released yet called Circles. That is a lot of fun.

What’s next for the band? Can we expect new songs or perhaps an album?

We have a bunch of music, all new music already recorded. We just need to narrow it down. Our next release will maybe be another 6 song EP and it’s slated for release sometime in the springtime. We are really ready to pump something out again. We just shot a new music video for Save Me and we will be promoting that for a little while. As soon as we are done promoting that, we are ready for the next step.

Last question, what would you tell those who wanted to get into the music business? What advice would you give them?

Be patient and stick to your guns. Because when it comes to music, I once heard this quote, that being a musician is probably one of the hardest things to be. You put your emotions out there for the world to either love or trash. It doesn’t matter what you put out there. Just know that you are going to have a handful of people that are going to like what you are doing and a handful of people that won’t. The way we see it, the people that hate our music, we have to be doing something right. We just want a reaction out of it. Just be patient, stick to your guns and work hard.

Here is a still video of the band’s song, Save Me:


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