College Readiness

Thinking about your future and what comes after you finish high school can be a stressful step in your life. Many girls feel a little confused and might even feel overwhelmed with information the college application process.  There are no hidden college ready secrets, but the key to getting ready for college is to start prepping early. It is not too early to get in the college game. Just follow these college tips and you’ll be ready in no time!
Start prepping yourself for college as early as possible:
Think about what YOU love to do. Would this be a possible career choice? This is the first college step, since it basically means that your interests will help decide and prepare you for your college journey.

Use school to your advantage:  Check out which high school is the best fit for you. Many towns now have magnet schools where you can start preparing for a specific career path in high school. When you are picking high school classes, make sure you are taking all the classes needed to get into college. Also, consider taking honor classes that are more challenging, better prepare you for college and look good on a college application. Some high schools also offer dual credit where you can earn college credit as you earn high school credits.

Get involved in your campus and community: College admissions officers look at your extracurricular involvement on your college applications. Start making plans to make the most out of your high school experience by participating in clubs and activities. These will look good on your college application and might even open the door to scholarship opportunities. If you’re an athlete, don’t depend on a sports scholarship to pay for school. Use other academic options that can help boost your application. Meet with your school counselors to discuss the best options for you, such as what classes to take and what extracurricular opportunities you can take advantage of.

The SAT test:

SAT scores are a big part of the college process. Most colleges require a specific SAT score to get admitted, but the score varies from college to college. In middle school, you can take teh Pre-SAT test to help you start getting ready for the real test. High school can be stressful,  which means studying for the exam during the summer is really helpful. You can still have fun AND prepare for the SAT.  There are many helpful online sources. One of my favorite SAT study tools is an app called “The Official SAT question of the day.” The app offers a new question every day from every subject and shows you how to solve the problem. You can also visit helpful websites like, which helps with all types of test prep.

Research scholarships and colleges:
Need help in researching scholarships and colleges? an awesome website that lets you track all the scholarships in the areas you’re mostly interested in. After you are done reviewing which colleges you would like to attend, you will receive information booklets through the mail to help you decide which college is the best for you. There are thousands of scholarships out there, you just need to look for them. The rest is up to you Latinas! Research, research, research! You would be surprised how many scholarships there are for Latinos. Take advantage of this opportunity!

Remember that these are only a couple of tips. Stay organized, keep researching, and you’re on the right path toward enjoying your college years. It’s never too early to start being curious about college!

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