Calista Caroline Burns, 20 Latinitas Under 20

Calista Caroline Burns, age 11
Nominated by:  Girls Inc. of San Antonio
Hometown:  San Antonio, Texas

Volunteer Experience:  Calista has fed meals to the eldery during Thanksgiving. She was one of the top 5 fundraisers for the iWin Joe Jonas Fun Run Benefitting the Special Olympics. Calista has also volunteered at a local children’s home during their annual Funlympics Day. Her 3rd place Lemonade Stand for Most Successful Business for National Lemonade Day, proceeds went to a local charity. Calista also participated and helped plan and facilitate a Girls Inc town hall on the topic of nutrition and health for kids at Girls Inc.

Challenges She Has Overcome:  Her parents divorced early in her life. The adjustment from moving between parents was tough. However, both her mother and father keep a healthy relationship for Calista’s well-being.

Leadership Experience:  Calista is a natural giver. Whether it is helping the elderly, children or animals, Calista always wants to give back and help those in need. Calista is a very humble young lady. She knows she is fortunate to have parents that award her of many opportunities and experiences, and she realizes that many are not that lucky. Her big heart is what motivates her to help others. She is always thinking of ways to better serve the needy and the underserved.

Extracurricular Activities :  Calista’s extra-curricular activities include: Kate Schenk Elementary Student Council President; Peer Assistant Leadership (PALs); photography club, patrols, and choir.  Her hobbies include: singing, guitar, swimming, dance, art, modeling and acting.

Positive Role Model:  Although Calista is only 11 years old, she has had ample opportunities to build her leadership skills. With these leadership skills she now possesses, Calista is always willing to help girls her age find their inner strength. Calista spends her summer with Girls Inc enrolled in the Glenda Woods Girls University Summer Camp. She is with girls younger and older than her for 10 weeks out of the summer. Throughout the days the girls are taught different curricula. If a girl doesn’t understand a concept, Calista is the first to help that young girl out. If someone gets hurts during sports, Calista is the first to be by her side to see if she is ok. Calista serves as an ambassador for Girls Inc in which she has spoken on behalf of Girls Inc to board members, community members and media. The girls see her as a role model because she is not afraid to speak to other adults or especially in front of the camera. After they have seen her poise, the girls are always interested in learning about the ambassador program.

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