Bring your daughter to work day, everyday!

Take Our Daughters (and now sons) Day has passed (April 28), but there is a group of young Hispanics who work with mom everyday – assisting with or learning how their mamis make an income.

Mia Azul, a 7 year old first grader, interns at her mom’s studio at home. Unlike the traditional experience of Take Our Daughters to Work Day (April 23, 2009 and now including boys), when daughters would be dragged to her mom’s workplace and possibly forced to do some tedious stapling or copying, Mia Azul gets excited to “go to work” with her mom. Even though it is just another room in her house.

“It is interesting and fun.” says Mia. Mia’s mom, Evelyn Escamilla, is an artist, graphic designer and founder of Avocado Street Designs. She designs magazines, posters, and shirts and is a photographer, also.

Mia used to work with her mom all the time in Chicago, IL before they moved to Austin,TX and she started school, “Now, I work with my mom whenever she needs my help and I’m not in school. I like to do my homework in the studio and watch what she is doing on the computer. My brother Diego and I have to be extra quiet when a business call comes in.” Her mom mostly works at home in the studio and sometimes she gets to go out and see clients or goes on photo shoots.

Some of the things Mia has learned from watching her mom are how to use a computer, how to set up a photo shoot and go over a checklist, how to use only four colors and make up a rainbow of options, and how to print.

“It is a good opportunity to learn about art. Kids love to be artistic and watching my mom create helps me learn how to do it myself.” she says.

Mia loves art and sometimes when her mom gets a call from a satisfied client or when her mom designs something she likes, “She (her mom) dances around.” Mia feels influenced by her mom and is considering a profession in graphic design, just like her mom, or is thinking about becoming a veterinarian.

May 2009

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