Boosting Your Self-esteem

Hola Chicas, you can believe that you are special in every way. Sometimes school, friends and changes as you grow can make you feel uncertain of that. highlights the many developmental changes that occur between 8 to 13 years old such as physical, emotional, social and cognitive or how you think. You are not alone, there are ways to get through these changes while keeping your self esteem high. 100_2720
Connect With Your Emotions
Are you feeling more sensitive  or even self conscious? This is normal. Get familiar with your own emotions and even insecurities. Once you have figured out what type of emotion you have, turn it around! If it’s a disappointment or failure, boost your self esteem and recognize that you trying is still important and that you do have the opportunity to do better next time. Having a mindset of knowing that there is always an answer, can keep you motivated with solving almost any challenge you may have.
Remember What Makes You Unique
It’s very common to compare yourself to your friends, but it’s healthier to keep in mind that everyone has differences. You may figure out immediately just how different you are, but really take the time to learn your talents and all the great things you have to offer. These are ways to think positive about yourself and your own accomplishments.
Join a Group
Child states that self esteem really starts to play a major role at the age of 9. It also suggests that joining a sports team or a club is a wonderful idea. Being part of a team can help you find value, it may help accelerate your grades, and keep you physically fit. Whether you are on or off a team, finding helpful solutions to an issue can help keep your emotions and social life in check.
Do Something Fun
Keeping yourself in a good mood is a must! Even if things don’t work out in your favor. If you ever feel down, do something fun. Ride your bike, take a walk, play video games, listen to music, get into a special hobby of yours. Staying focused on negative emotions won’t help you feel better about yourself. Take your mind off of what may be causing stress.
Surround Yourself With Supportive Family & Friends
Having support is something that is so important. expresses that the people who believe in you, care for you. Those people include your parents, teachers, and great friends that can provide comfort. Please remember that it’s okay to talk to someone and find that understanding in those people that care. We all  have had to focus on boosting our self esteem, you are encouraged to practice these steps whenever you feel you need a boost.

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