Become a Time Management Guru

Life can be pretty hectic at times, especially as you get older and take on more responsibilities. However, there are some commitments and responsibilities that are more important than others. In order to be successful in whatever it is you are doing in life, whether it is getting through middle school, high school, college or even once you have a career, it is important for you to learn how to manage your time. Managing your time can be achieved if you know which steps to take.

1. Buy A planner

Using a planner to organize your tasks is a smart thing to do, especially when your schedule looks overwhelming. Remember to jot down each task and when it is due, or by when you should do it in your planner. Jotting everything down will ensure you’re on the right track with deadlines and assignments. You can always turn to your planner for reminders. Heather Marrone, Mission Early College student, says, “Keep calm. Everything gets out of hand when you think about it all at once. Just think about what you have to do that one day, and worry about tomorrow, tomorrow. If it gets hard to remember what you had then keep an agenda.”

2. Learn how to differentiate which tasks are most important:

The tasks that deserve priority are usually the ones in which we have made a commitment to or must do for our own good. An example of these committed and urgent tasks would be going to school, work and to tend to be other responsibilities similar to these. Heather says, “I’m very good at multi-tasking. I can divide my attention to several activities so that they all get done equally. I manage my time so I give an hour or two to do something and I list things by priority.” When it comes to schoolwork, learn how to prioritize your assignment and always remember to take a look at your planner in order to see which assignments are coming up. If there are two or more due at the same time, do the one that requires the most work ahead of time.

3.  Take advantage of weekends or free time to get things done:

The more things you have on your plate, the more things you have to do. Learning how to use free time, wisely is key in getting important things done. For example breaks between classes, when you are in college, can be used to catch up on reading or work on assignments that will be due soon. Also, on weekends when you have spare time you can get ahead by starting work. Find your peak productivity time to get the best results. If you’re a morning person, try working more during the morning when you’re more alert and full of energy to tackle school assignments. If you’re a night owl, try working during a reasonable time that will not interfere with your sleep schedule.

4. Work on assignments early

An all-nighter happens when you wait until the last minute to work on a project or assignment or class. Pulling all-nighters are both unhealthy and a sign to improve your time management. By working on assignments early, little by little, you can break up the workload. Use your planner wisely and plan ahead to avoid the pesky all-nighter.

5. Use productivity apps

If planners are not your thing because you’re more tech savvy, try using productivity apps. Productivity apps help your productivity skyrocket — at least if they’re used wisely. Kill procrastination by using apps that block sites you normally visit during the 5 minute break you took 30 minutes ago.

Time management is about perseverance. Find a method that works best for you and stick with it. In the end, it will be worth it.

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