Be Proud of Yourself, Chica!


As humans, we tend to feel embarrassed of ourselves sometimes for things that make us unique or different. We can feel insecure because of our smile, how we speak, our height, our dreams, ideas, or anything else that makes us distinct. In fact, we should embrace all of that! Here are 5 things that can make you value and appreciate yourself more as a person:

Remember That Being Different is Good

There’s no one else like you, there won’t be someone exactly like you. Sometimes we tend to feel bad for some flaws we have, but it’s normal. It is important to stop criticizing yourself for your flaws and what makes you different. “Tell your inner critic to be quiet,” recommends the website. “If you have a mean thought about yourself, see if you can change it to something positive instead.”  We all have a purpose here and were created to do something great. Your voice, your mind, your ideas, your face, your hands, even your eyes are different from the rest.

Get inspired by others

Even when we don’t realize it, we make a mark on people’s lives. Whether it is through kind words or by a simple action, that can leave someone thinking about what they’re doing wrong and think about changing it.

“I used to have a friend who wanted to learn how to dance. She went for it, even if she didn’t know how to and it made me realize that the biggest failure would be not trying. No matter how much time it takes,” said Pamela Herrera,18. Inspired by her friend, Pamela decided not to shy away from trying new things because of fear of failure. This motivated Pamela to embrace her wish to learn to dance and she enrolled in a dance program. You never know when a small act of kindness or kind words can encourage others.

You’ve done some amazing things in your life

Stay focused on the amazing things you have done in your life, remain positive. You’ve seen some places other’s have not and you have made friends that you won’t forget. There are some memories that will stay with you forever. Think about your first party, when you won a prize for something, your first concert, a road trip or any other great moment in your life. You’re special for having experienced and accomplished that, even if there are times when you compare your life to others and you think that you’re missing out on something. Time will come and you will get your chance to do something great as well.

When she is feeling down, Melissa remembers to reflect on some of her favorite experiences. “One time when I was little, my brother took me to see a Broadway play, it was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had,” says Melissa Hernandez,19.

“I went to see my favorite band after days of looking for tickets. It was amazing, I was on the front row, but the most important thing was that my dad was there with me, we’ve never shared a moment like that before,” shared Alejandra Valdez,19.

You have dreams and goals to achieve

You have dreams to accomplish in life, you have your own goals and wishes that will lead you to great things in life. But to achieve this, you have to work hard and prepare yourself for it. Dreams do not run to your hands, you have to go out and chase them.

Luz Espinoza,19, stays focused on her goal to keep her confident and driven. “I hope that one day I can get to be an actress, that’s my main goal in life”.

Your mind is like no other

All of those things you feel, think and like are unique, there’s no other person in the world that thinks like you do. Every dream, every thing that you want to accomplish, go for it. You’re capable of doing great things. 

To finish, I’ll leave you with one thing: you should be proud of yourself. You’ve come so far in life; keep going, be happy with who you are, and always try to improve in every way that you can. You can do anything you set yourself to.

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