Finding Your Perfect Look

Fashion for a girl is usually very important, so we all know how stressful it can be looking for an outfit. Everyone has a different style, so remember to just be thinking about what you LOVE when it comes to expanding your wardrobe this school year. By following these rules, you’ll be on your way to becoming the fashion queen at your school!

Make a List

It’s a good idea to make a list before you go shopping. If you are wandering around a store without being prepared, then be prepared to be walking around for a few hours. To make things less stressful and more efficient, make a list! You can write down whatever you want. A suggestion would be to write down your favorite colors. This is usually a good start to making sure you don’t go over budget. You can also maybe write down your favorite animals, flowers, and even patterns! This list will help your creative juices flowing and, in no time, you’ll start to see what kinds of outfits you love. Another suggestion is to write down any of your favorite clothing items that you already own. You might just want to find something else with a similar style.

1016130_299715566840320_2117876336_nDress Appropriate

Since it’s middle school, you’ll have to dress appropriately. Many middle schools actually have dress codes. If you happen to break it, then that’s a pass to the principal’s office. Remember that it’s middle school, so don’t try to show too much skin that will cause concern. If you have a free dress day or don’t have to wear a uniform, check your school’s dress code rules. You can also show the list to your parents and they’ll be able to help you as well when on the hunt for the perfect outfit.

Cute Outfits Don’t Have to Cost a Fortune

When summer ends a ton of sales will start to go up. Plus, there’s always Black Friday (in November) and other deals that happen throughout the year. Every store has a website that advertises their sales. Finding out where the sales are is super easy. First, start with writing down a list of your favorite stores. Then, ask your parents to help you find out about the different sales by going to each store’s main websites. Not only will you be happy, but your parents will be happy with a fuller wallet as well!

Shop Smart

If you find a sale that you absolutely have to go to because your favorite jacket is 50% off, be prepared to get to your favorite stores early! The sale is open to EVERYONE. It’s actually very normal for stores to sell out of specific clothing items because of the good deals. That is why preparation is key. Once you have arrived to your favorite stores, keep the list that you wrote everything on. Pre-planning your shopping list is normal, but don’t be shy to look around. Walk around the store and look at what catches your eye. You might find something cuter and better at the store.

Parent Approval

Congrats, you found your perfect outfit! But, most likely you won’t be paying for it. Your family’s approval is very important because if they like it, then most likely it is school appropriate. And if they are happy, then they may happily pay for your outfit (not always, especially if it’s too expensive).

With the perfect planning and timing, you’ll be able to find your perfect look. Plus, you’ll also be saving a lot of money and making your family happy. Find your perfect look and strut your stuff on throughout the school year.

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