5 Ways to Discover Your Heritage

Proud of your culture, well it calls for a celebration! With influences and resources all around you, you should not think twice about discovering and celebrating your roots. Exploring authentic Latino recipes, visiting historic sites, watching films, attending cultural events, and art shows are all ways you can celebrate your culture.

Make a Cultural Dish
Making a cultural dish can be a great way to learn new dishes, spices, and its influences. Asking your parents for their favorite authentic dish or even looking online can get you some tasty recipes. “I enjoy making tamales with my grandmother. It is something I look forward to when me and my family visit her in Denver,” said 18 year-old Jennifer Nevarez.

Visit Historical Sites
If work in the kitchen is not for you, no need to worry there are other activities you can try. Making a trip to historic sites in your community can be a learning and fun experience. Hispanics have a long history in the United States and there are numerous historical sites you can visit. “I like going to historic sites wherever I have the opportunity. I have learned a lot about art and its history, it is very interesting,” said 19 year-old Michelle Ramirez

Watch a Latino-Inspired TV Show or Movie
As decades pass we see modernization all around. Something we see constantly changing is in film and TV. With movies being made 3D and directors trying to outdo their last film, we also see growing roles of Latinos and influenced storylines. Watching a Latino influenced movie or television show, “telenovela” can get you in touch with your culture and possibly improve your Spanish skills. “I enjoy watching films of women who are a good influence, especially for younger girls,” said 20 year old Daniela Rodriguez.

Attend Cultural Events

Keeping an eye out for cultural events and traditional ceremonies is a great way to get in touch with your heritage. Cultural fairs, festivals, parades and ceremonies are great way to learn about your culture and being open minded to others. “I’m half Tigua, so it’s pretty cool attending events at the pueblo. I have learned a lot about my culture going to ceremonies,” said 18 year-old Audrey Garcia.

Tour a Gallery
Another interesting place you can visit is photo exhibits and art galleries. Throughout the year, they have different themes and featured artists who come from all across the world.  For upcoming events be sure to check out your city’s event page.

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