5 Ways to Deal with Stress

Latinitas readers share their tips to destress.

Tip 1: Listen to Music

“Music is love. Every song has a meaning that you can relate to at any time or how you feel. Music is a big part of my releasing stress.”-Daisy Fuentes.

“I usually listen to music to calm me down.  I like music because I think it just relaxes me.” – Dalena Lopez

“I usually do on my roof and listen to music the air always calms me down and the beat to the music helps my feelings calm.” -Aliris Lopez

Tip 2: Hangout with friends

“I love going to my best friend/sister named: Daisy. I love to hangout with my family.” – Jessie Baron

Tip 3. Talk to your Parents

“When I’m stressed, what calms me down is to always be around my mom. She helps me calm down.”

“When I deal with stress, I usually go to talk to my mom because she always knows all the right things to say to me.”-Dominic Hernandez

“When I talk to my mom, it gets a big weight off my shoulders and helps me know I’m not alone in my problems.” -Brianna Holcomb

Tip 4. Exercise

“Dancing, is like if your soul is letting out your true colors. The way you feel comes out on the way you move, attitude, silliness and heart. Running for me is a time to cry, think and let it out. It’s an alone time to just think about what has happen.”- Daisy Fuentes.

Tip 5. Do What You Love

“I pray and just think on it.”- Brianna Holcomb

“Singing helps me let out my feelings.”-Daisy Fuentes.

“I go to do puzzles.”-Monica Vargas

“I sing, dance, write or just chill with my friends.” -Jessie Baron

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