5 Reasons to be Proud of Your Roots

5 Reasons to be Proud of Your Roots

You should be proud of your roots whether you were born abroad or here in the U.S. or whether you speak Spanish or just understand a few words.  But why?

Appreciate the journey that has helped shape you.
For many Latinos, their journey to come to the U.S. was motivated with the goal of making a better future for their children. It is important to value the sacrifice your parents, grandparents or ancestors made to get to this country. You arrived to this country and your current living situation because our families wanted a better quality of life than the ones they had when they were young.

“Thanks to the fact that my parents came to this country, I have access to better education and now I’m in college and ready to work on something that I like,” says Delia Ponce, age 19.

Delia’s family moved from Mexico to give her more opportunities. We should all appreciate the opportunities and resources available to us because of the sacrifices your family made.

Latinos come from a “warm” culture
Latinos are known for expressing their emotions and being a warm community. “I go to family parties and people are always hugging and kissing and even aunts and cousins that I don’t know receive me like I’ve known them my whole life,” says Lucia Cazarez, age 18. It is commonly said that Latinos are really affectionate and that they can receive new people as if they’ve known them for many years. And they don’t feel embarrassed about public display of affection, many can prove this just by trying to hug their mom or at a family reunion just as Lucia previously stated.

The Delicious Food
“My culture is delicious,” says Polet Espinoza, age 20. “My favorite part about my culture is definitely the food. It’s what makes me, me. I love it. The Enchiladas, the tacos, tostadas, the spiciness, flautas, guacamole, and everything in between. When I think of the food, my face transforms into the emoji with the heart eyes and a smile!” she adds.

The great thing about food is that every country has some dishes that make them different from the rest of the world. The flavors are so distinctive from other countries. How can you be proud of the food? Older family members can pass on their historic family recipes and teach you how to make those traditional dishes that you can share with your family and friends.

We have amazing cultural traditions that have been passed down generations
It is good to learn about our history and celebrations, such as the Independence Day of Latin American countries and Dia de Muertos. These celebrations help our kids embrace their heritage, learn from it and identify with it.

“While growing up, my mom used to take the time to teach me all about the Mexican history. After school, I used to sit for hours listening to my mom telling me about important dates and traditions that she used to celebrate while growing up,” shares Emilia Serna, age 17. This has been true for many, and that is wonderful because kids grow up in one culture while belonging also to another. They become more aware of who they are and where they come from and of course, when they grow up they’ll have more stories to share.

It’s part of who you are.

“I’m thankful for being Mexican because I get to have the best of both worlds. I share two cultures and that makes me really happy. I’m not only part of one thing: one country, one ethnicity. I’m part of two great cultures and it’s amazing,” shares Pamela Herrera, age 18.

Being a part of two cultures can shape who you are. You share values and traditions with multiple cultures and that helps you see things from a different perspective. All that you’ve seen and been taught while growing up is part of who you are and of what you will become. Embrace everything that comes in your way!

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