Shopping Review: Looking Deeper than a Label

Gap is a store for people who care about how they look. They give people ideas on what would look good. The clothes are pretty fashionable clothes for all people. The Gap website has great security so even if someone robs a Gap, your card I.D number is still safe. They also have a Privacy Policy where nothing could get into your files or account. They have a place where they just get your files in right away so nobody could bother your account. There are different types of Gap stores (for example Gap Maternity and Gap Outlet) and you could check out the different departments. They also have contests so you could WIN A SHOPPING SPREE!!!!!!

But many of the shoppers don’t realize what it takes to make Gap clothes. Preteens just come in and buy Gap’s products. Gap should be as equally interested in the workers as they are in the shoppers. According to, the Gap uses child labor for a very low price. Even though they work overtime they don’t get paid overtime. Gap makes a lot of extra money but the workplace is falling apart. They don’t have clean water, clean restrooms or a good factory to work in. If Gap wants people to make clothes right, the workers need a good and safe place to work in.

Gap made $28 billion in 1999. Why do they need all that money? Gap has still talked to the anti-sweatshop and still has refused to pay worker overtime. Gap looks good out in the public, but in reality they aren’t as good as they seem, they just want people to buy their products.

To make Gap a better place it should just pay the very hard workers the money that they deserve. We could also persuade people to protest so they can realize that the workers are worth more than a couple of dollars a day. My last great plan could be that we send a letter to tell a lot of women the truth behind the store, and maybe they won’t go shopping at Gap. One thing I have to say is that I will never walk into the Gap like I feel right now.

When I pick up a shirt from Gap, I will always think that a young person like me made this shirt for a couple of dollars.

By Stephanie, Girl Reporter

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