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Choosing a career is not easy. Starting to explore your career options early will give you a headstart in preparing for future success in your field. The first step in exploring career fields is to take a calming breath and reassure yourself that you will find a career that is a good fit for you.
Always remember that there are people out there whose job is to help you find the career that would best suit you. Contacting your school’s guidance counselor is a great start to narrowing down your career search. Talking to family members or teachers is also a smart idea because they know you personally. They may help you point out the things that you exceed at, but may not be aware of. Know that they too have gone through the transition from school to career, and that once upon a time they had to ask someone for advice.
The internet is possibly the best tool to use when exploring career fields. There are hundreds of websites that are geared to help young students find a career. Some websites focus on basic and specific information on career fields, while others help guide you with self-assessment tests. Here are some links to online tests that will narrow down the “best career option” according to your answers:

Taking into account your interests and values, the next step is to read about the careers that interest you the most. It is very important to not only gain basic knowledge of a career field, but to know the specifics of it as well. This can help you decide whether or not a career would fit your lifestyle.

Internships are also a great way to try out a career field and see how you like it. You might be able to contact a professional in your chosen field and ask if you can shadow them for a day or interview them to learn more about their job.

You can also try volunteering to see if the career is really what you want. If you want to be a doctor, volunteer at the local hospital. If you want to be a teacher, volunteer as a camp leader. If you want to be a zoologist, volunteer at your local zoo.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you are unsure about a career field, ask a classmate, teacher, family member or even a friend. Search the internet. Always remember that there are tools out there to help guide you when you feel that you are in the dark.

By Lucia Benavides

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