Beat The Heat This Summer

It’s that time of year again. You are out of school, your parents and siblings are driving you crazy, and its 100 degrees outside! Yes summertime is here, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer from bad case of summer boredom. Summer is a great time to get active, build your resume, gain some great volunteer experiences, and even enjoy some free fun. Surviving summer break might seem tough, but staying busy can make it way easier!

1. Lend a Hand
We are all looking for opportunities to add to our resume and summer is a great time to do this. There are countless non-profit organizations who are looking for volunteers. Volunteering can teach you some special skills that will come in handy after graduation, and it looks great on job applications. Try dropping by your local animal shelter, join a conservation group, help out at the Special Olympics, or even offer your tutoring services to younger students.

2. “Ditch the Workout, Join the Party”
One way to stay active this summer is to enroll in a Zumba class. Zumba is a new type of dance exercise with some Latin flair, and an awesome soundtrack. The perks of enrolling in Zumba class are it’s cheap, fun and you can get some pretty great results. Classes are usually indoors, which is a big plus, and it’s a great way to round up all your friends and have a great time all while working on that, “swimsuit body”. “ When I do Zumba, I have so much fun, and it doesn’t even feel like I’m working out!”, said Gabby Gonzalez age 14.

3. Jump Ahead
You may think summer school is for students who skipped class and are behind on credits. But most middle and high schools also offer summer classes for serious students who want to get ahead. Think about it, that could mean more time to relax by the time you are a senior. “I was able to take my Government and Economics classes during the summer of my junior year.” said Crystal Lara age 18. “My senior year I was able to have an off period which came in handy to catch up on homework.”. Also, some universities and community colleges offer some great classes to prepare you for college and you might even be able to gain some college credit!

4. Get Creative
Summer is the best time tap into your creative side and pick up a new hobby. Make use of your extra down time by trying out something that’s fun and interests you, like painting or photography. If you like fashion, learn to sew and begin designing your own clothes. If you love to read, try writing your own stories. Have a passion for movies, why not try making one? You might just find that an exciting new career awaits you!

5. Fun on a Budget
Many of us are on a budget this summer, so finding some cheap or even free summer fun should be really easy. Get out of bed early to take advantage of discounted movies or bowling prices. Summer is also great time to look out for free concerts, as well as art and music festivals. Get informed on all the free events going on in your community this season.

By Dominique Gonzalez

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