Poetry for Girls

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Letter to a Younger Me

Young girl, You never walk alone, just misunderstood. Yes, you are unique, But life’s conditions, those are few and we’re all afflicted. So don’t be scared to tell about yourself, You’d be surprised when people open about themselves How much like you they are. That being said, Always take their good advice, And be able… Read more

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Poetry: Senses of Thanksgiving

5 Senses Thanksgiving Poem Using their 5 senses, these Latinitas created awesome poems about Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving smells like an abundance of food Thanksgiving sounds like lots of people talking Thanksgiving looks like the colors of brown, yellow, orange and red Thanksgiving feels like prayers and blessings Thanksgiving tastes like turkey ~Angelica On Thanksgiving, I tastes… Read more

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Latinas and Spoken-Word Poetry

Spoken-word poetry, also known as slam poetry, is a type of poetic expression written and performed for an audience. Because they are performed, the poets tend to focus on the rhythm, musicality, and emotional impact of their poems. This type of poetic expression has been weaved into the American arts scene since the 1980s when… Read more

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The World of Poetry Slam

The saying goes that the pen is mightier than the sword. Poetry slams take that concept pretty literally. A poetry slam is a battle of words and rhyme, all to win the hearts—and the high scores—of the judges. Poetry slams started in Chicago in 1984. Since then, they have spread all over the United States… Read more

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Girl Power Poems

What does girl power mean to you? Latinitas sound off to describe what it means to be a powerful chica with these acrostic poems.  Grateful Intelligent Respectful Loyal Powerful Outstanding Winner Excellent Remarkable – Erica   Great Intelligent Respectful Loyal Positive Obedient Woman Excellent Responsible – Angelina   Great Independent Respectful Loving Pretty Opportunities Wonder… Read more

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Poem: If We Were All the Same

Have you ever wondered? What life would be like, If we were all the same. What would be exciting about life If we were all the same? Never learning new things, Never seeing new things, Never doing new things, That would be a waste of a lifetime. If we were all the same, How could… Read more

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Pharr Away

By Sara Cabrera I eat menudo and barbacoa with a fresh warm packet of Guerrero tortillas on Sunday mornings after mass. After, I drive at 3 mph down the bumpy Raul Longoria Road to go to La Pulga de Alamo and to beat the Rio Grande Valley heat. There I buy verduras y frutas frescas… Read more

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Poetry: I Am Beautiful

I am beautiful by Yazmine S. I am beautiful because Of my hair color. I am beautiful because I am nice. I am beautiful because Of my eye color. I am beautiful because I have curly hair. I am beautiful because I have friends. I am beautiful by Perla M. Beautiful Eager Awesome Usually Random… Read more

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Poetry: Seasons

Winter by Audrey Rodriguez, age 12 Knit sweaters blocking out the cold air, Christmas cheer for all to share Crisp snow dancing down from the sky, like dandy ice skaters that pass me by. Hot cocoa to chug and snowmen to hug Snow angels pressed into the ground, sledding down a huge mound! Santa Claus spreading… Read more


Poetry: Friendship

Latinitas write about the meaning of friendship in these poems about their BFFs. Jennifer Fresh Responsible Interesting Endless Nice Delight Shine Hope Independent Promise   Friends Friends are kind, friends are cool and awesome, Friends are loving, Friends are family, friends are the best known. Whats a ship that never ends? Friendship Friends never leave… Read more