Poetry for Girls

Polet Espinoza

Poem: If We Were All the Same

Have you ever wondered? What life would be like, If we were all the same. What would be exciting about life If we were all the same? Never learning new things, Never seeing new things, Never doing new things, That would be a waste of a lifetime. If we were all the same, How could… Read more

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Pharr Away

By Sara Cabrera I eat menudo and barbacoa with a fresh warm packet of Guerrero tortillas on Sunday mornings after mass. After, I drive at 3 mph down the bumpy Raul Longoria Road to go to La Pulga de Alamo and to beat the Rio Grande Valley heat. There I buy verduras y frutas frescas… Read more

Girl writing

Poetry: I Am Beautiful

I am beautiful by Yazmine S. I am beautiful because Of my hair color. I am beautiful because I am nice. I am beautiful because Of my eye color. I am beautiful because I have curly hair. I am beautiful because I have friends. I am beautiful by Perla M. Beautiful Eager Awesome Usually Random… Read more

Latinita writing

Poetry: Seasons

Winter by Audrey Rodriguez, age 12 Knit sweaters blocking out the cold air, Christmas cheer for all to share Crisp snow dancing down from the sky, like dandy ice skaters that pass me by. Hot cocoa to chug and snowmen to hug Snow angels pressed into the ground, sledding down a huge mound! Santa Claus spreading… Read more


Poetry: Friendship

Latinitas write about the meaning of friendship in these poems about their BFFs. Jennifer Fresh Responsible Interesting Endless Nice Delight Shine Hope Independent Promise   Friends Friends are kind, friends are cool and awesome, Friends are loving, Friends are family, friends are the best known. Whats a ship that never ends? Friendship Friends never leave… Read more

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Dia de las Madres Essays

My Angel Written by Hiley Escobar, age 15 You are my angel. When I seem to get myself into a situation and can’t get out. When I have fallen and can’t get up or when I am alone and fear swallows me up whole. You come sweeping down from the heavens surrounding me in your… Read more


Poetry: I Am Beautiful

I am beautiful inside because I am funny. I am beautiful outside because of my hair. I am beautiful inside because I am kind. I am beautiful on the outside because I have a pretty smile. I am beautiful inside because I care about my friends and I try to help them. I am beautiful… Read more

My Diary for Girls


Strawberry Cupcakes Your pinkalicious color is beautiful, sweet and so munchy. Please don’t be crunchy! Don’t taste like a pickle… but for my tongue it tickles. -Victoria Hymn: The Doughnut Man Do you know the Doughnut man who lives at Krispy Kreme? Do you know the Doughnut man who eats doughnuts? Do you know the… Read more

Poetry for Girls

What does love mean?

Love is respectful, it isn’t about being abusive Love is respectful, it isn’t being mean Love is positive, it isn’t about being negative Love is kind, it isn’t about being jealous -By Maribel Love is acceptance, it isn’t controlling Love is support, it isn’t demanding anything from anyone Love is gentle, it isn’t being cruel… Read more


Poem: Depression

You are waiting for someone to pass by you’re waiting for someone who can listen to you they pass they pass but they only give you their back you turn around you see a three year old boy you’re crying he asks you struggling to talk what was wrong you try to smile at him… Read more

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