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DIY: Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a fun holiday full of pink, red, hearts, and of course, chocolate – but aside from that, it is a day to show your family, friends, and your crush how much you care. And what better way to show just that with a hand-made card or gift! So put down your wallet… Read more


DIY: Cupcake Bouquet

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, which means it’s never too early to start prepping a gift for a loved one. This cute DIY bouquet of cupcakes roses is both memorable and easy to make. A memorable gift for less than $20, this bouquet of cupcakes is guaranteed to make your loved one smile. First, gather the… Read more


Spicing Up the Holidays

Christmas music is blasting through the speakers.  Colorful wreaths are being hung in every door. Trees are being decorated with ornaments that are probably bigger than your head. Even though the weather is not agreeing with the holiday season, the holidays are the perfect time of year to drink a nice hot cup of hot… Read more

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DIY: Día De los Muertos Accessories

Día De los Muertos is a day when we celebrate the wonderful people who have crossed to the other side, not to cry about them. It is a three day celebration in Mexico and it is filled with many parties and events. Well, why not accessorize to get into the Día De los Muertos festivities? It doesn’t… Read more

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DIY: Your Room, Your You

Decorating your room on a budget is hard.  But with a few fun and easy ideas, you will be able to transform your room in no time. Ribbon Curtain Ribbons used to be something for your hair. Now they are something you can use for your bedroom window. Depending on the height and width of… Read more


DIY: Father’s Day Gifts

It is always hard to buy a gift for a guy friend, brother, uncle, or a boy. Your uncle would probably not like a bouquet of roses as much as your aunt. And even though we are all kids at heart, you can’t really buy your grandfather a doll. Now is the time to really… Read more


DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts

That time of the year is coming again, the time where you walk in to the stores and you see pink, red, and white all over the place, stuffed animals of all sizes and chocolates, but everything is the same; it’s time to create something special and unique! The Scavenger Hunt: You’ll need balloons, paper… Read more

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Last Minute DIY Gifts

Looking for a last minute gift? Avoid the crowded malls and give a loved one something extra special this holiday season. Here are some easy and quick DIY gifts you can give a loved one this holiday season. Toss the boring gift card packaging away and make your own gift card holder.  Materials: -       Scissors… Read more

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DIY Room Organization

Tired of all the clutter around your room? Try these simple DIY tips to spice and organize your room on a budget. Let your creativity flow and if you love them so much, you can even give one as a gift to your friend. Magazine storage Magazines can pile up and take space in your… Read more

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DIY Room Decor & Organization

Have you ever felt the necessity to organize your room and to make it look pretty at the same time? Recycling is important and also an affordable way to create decorations for your bedroom. As teenagers we tend to leave stuff everywhere around our rooms, but there’s a way to combine creativity, organization, and our… Read more

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