Art Gallery for Girls

I think college is important because we can have a good career and a better life and be successful.

My College Goals

Young Latinas are big dreamers. These Latinitas are aiming high and making plans to graduate college.  In this photo essay, they share their educational goals for the future.  

Frida Kahlo pic

Reflections of Frida

Frida Kahlo was an influential Mexican artist who was widely known for her self-portraits. She became an icon representing a strong Latina woman and inspired generations of young Latinas. These Latinitas shared their photos inspired by the memorable Frida.  

I'm unique because I'm talkative.

I Am Unique

These Latinitas share their confidence and let their unique beauty shine. To take a stand against Photoshopping of pictures of models in teen magazines and to promote a positive body image, they made artistic posters that embrace their differences and promote girl power.        


Inner Beauty Collages

Check out some of our girl’s collages where they expressed words that emphasized their inner beauty and their favorite fashion items.  


Art Gallery: I Love My Flaws

These girls are proud to embrace themselves completely, flaws and all!  In this photo essay, they showcase their own beauty and pride in who they are.           


Art Gallery: Shoe Photography

Shoes can tell a lot about a person. Take a look at some of the photos that our girls took from Club Latinitas showcasing their shoes! Their pictures show where they have been and where they are going.  


“We Can Do It” Photos

Strong chicas express their girl power in this “We Can Do It” photo essay tribute to the woman hero “Rosie the Riveter.”  

DIY for Girls


DIY: Coupon Book & Photography Project

In Costa Rica, Mother’s Day is celebrated on August 15th, also known as the Feast of the Assumption, which, in the Catholic religion, celebrates the rise of the Virgin Mary to heaven. For those in the U.S. and in other Latin American countries, Mother’s Day has passed, but who says you can’t celebrate Mother’s Day… Read more


DIY: The Flower Edition

The weather is warming up, which means spring is around the corner. Our club chicas are helping us redecorate the office with this cute, fun DIY projects — just in time for spring! Bouquet Flower Card Materials: Colored construction paper Glue Scissors Stapler 1)    The first step is to cut out nine circles in different… Read more


DIY Lip Balm

Keeping track of little tubes of lip balm can prove to be difficult for many during these cold and dry winter months — in reality, keeping a lip balm for a year can be a challenge. If you’re tired of buying a new lip balm every so often, or even want to try something new,… Read more


DIY Gift Ideas

If you want to give a thoughtful gift on a budget, a do-it-yourself project is a great way to show you care. Here are some tips on making your own gifts at a lower price: “I Love You a Latte” (Decorated Coffee Mug) You’ll need: A plain colored mug of your choice and oil based… Read more


DIY: Organizing your Jewelry

Written by Priscilla Moctezuma Accessorizing is a girl’s best friend! Organizing your cute jewelry doesn’t mean having to buy expensive containers. These DIY jewelry organizers are easy, simple, quick, and under $20.00 or less. It is fun and anyone can help you do it. Necklace Organizer This cute DIY  includes the use of power tools, so… Read more

Fathers Day gift

Homemade Gifts for Dad

Father’s Day is coming up and you’re probably wondering what to get dad. Instead of buying him something, why not make a gift for him instead? It will be meaningful because he knows you spent some time making it, and it’ll bring back memories of the kindergarten school days when you brought home arts and… Read more

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DIY: Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a fun holiday full of pink, red, hearts, and of course, chocolate – but aside from that, it is a day to show your family, friends, and your crush how much you care. And what better way to show just that with a hand-made card or gift! So put down your wallet… Read more


DIY: Cupcake Bouquet

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, which means it’s never too early to start prepping a gift for a loved one. This cute DIY bouquet of cupcakes roses is both memorable and easy to make. A memorable gift for less than $20, this bouquet of cupcakes is guaranteed to make your loved one smile. First, gather the… Read more


Spicing Up the Holidays

Christmas music is blasting through the speakers.  Colorful wreaths are being hung in every door. Trees are being decorated with ornaments that are probably bigger than your head. Even though the weather is not agreeing with the holiday season, the holidays are the perfect time of year to drink a nice hot cup of hot… Read more

Photo Credit: Jennifer Janviere

DIY: Día De los Muertos Accessories

Día De los Muertos is a day when we celebrate the wonderful people who have crossed to the other side, not to cry about them. It is a three day celebration in Mexico and it is filled with many parties and events. Well, why not accessorize to get into the Día De los Muertos festivities? It doesn’t… Read more

Girl Talk for Girls

Hispanic girk looking sad

Advice: Dealing with Anxiety, Bullying, and Shyness

Young Latinitas gave some advice on issues that may affect all of us at one time to another. We have all dealt with anxiety, bullying or being shy on certain occasions. We get it; we’ve all been there, and these girls are here to give some advice on some of these issues. Here’s what you can do if… Read more


9 Tips to Being BFFs with Your Mom

Is your mom your best friend or your  enemy? Do you argue constantly and can’t seem to get along? Your mom can be the coolest person you know and can sometimes become the person you don’t ever want to talk to again. Believe it or not there are ways to improve the relationship with your… Read more


Girl Talk: Becoming a Chica Poderosa

I don’t often think of myself as a powerful woman. It usually takes some reminder, like Latinitas asking me to guest blog, for me to take a step back (away from doubts, insecurities, and tasks that occupy my mind) and say, “Hey, you know what? I am a chica poderosa.” So that would be my… Read more


Healthy Chica Tips

Healthy chicas share their top tips to staying healthy.  1. Focus on the Whole You Being healthy not only means taking care of your physical health, but also focusing on your overall mental and emotional health as well. “You not only have to focus on being physically healthy or good eating habits, but also being… Read more


Making Your Desk a Little Happier

Written by Elena Barrera-Walters Having a clean, organized, and inviting desk is the best way to get your work done, no matter the time of year. Sometimes, though, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the clutter and piles of pencils, in which case, that’s where this can help you. YOU NEED: a desk a… Read more


Girl Talk: Loving Those Who are in Love

Valentine’s Day is far away, yes, but let’s take some time to talk about couples and the growing habit of people’s negativity against couples. Some people will groan, gag, or poke fun when a gooey-eyed girl talks about how her boyfriend gave her flowers, or at other romantic stories like that. Admit it, we all… Read more

Boyfriend - Latinitas

Avoid the Boy Drama

There’s a really dreamy guy who you and your friend just “ooh” and “ahh” over. Everyone thinks he is just the best guy in the whole wide world, a total cutie. One day your wish comes true: He talks to you and thinks you are pretty awesome. But, the hard part, what about your friend… Read more

girl on computer

Me, Myself, and I

We live in a very social world, constantly surrounded by people. Even when we’re at home and no one’s around we can still communicate through e-mail and texting and social media, so even then we’re not “alone.” We’re always told that when someone is alone they must be sad or have no friends, when in… Read more

Photo Credit: AAUW

Advice to My 13 Year-Old Self

Latinitas celebrated Women’s History Month by hosting a blog-a-thon. Members of the community shared heartfelt advice they wish they were told when they were 13 years old. “Popularity is a big one. When I was thirteen I tried hard to be an extrovert, and I thought being ‘shy’ was a weakness. Whenever someone ignored… Read more


Changing for a Guy, Right or Wrong?

Thinking you found the perfect man is one of the best feelings in the world; suddenly your world has turned upside down, and your eyes shine every time you think about him, talk about him, or just look at him. First love or finding love at any age could make a girl, or woman, change… Read more

OMG Moments for Girls

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OMG, She Did Not Just Say THAT!

  I’ve always been the kind of girl who has the answer to every question in class, and for some reason my teachers prefer to pick on the kid who doesn’t pay attention. One day, when I eleven and just in the fifth grade, I raised my hand. I wasn’t called on but I forgot to… Read more

girls together in classroom

OMG Moments

Latinitas share a laugh as they talk about their embarrassing moments. One time, I was at the mall with all my friends celebrating a ceremony and I was in the middle of telling a good joke. I was looking back at my friends when I was talking to them. Being the great friends that they… Read more

OMG Moments for Girls

OMG Moments

Theatrical Traumas There was this school play that I was in when I was nine. I was all excited because I had actually made it as one of the characters. As my costume, I got to wear this really pretty dress. I was so proud because I would be in front of family and friends… Read more

Poetry for Girls


Letter to a Younger Me

Young girl, You never walk alone, just misunderstood. Yes, you are unique, But life’s conditions, those are few and we’re all afflicted. So don’t be scared to tell about yourself, You’d be surprised when people open about themselves How much like you they are. That being said, Always take their good advice, And be able… Read more

Latina Girl Writing - Latinitas

Poetry: Senses of Thanksgiving

5 Senses Thanksgiving Poem Using their 5 senses, these Latinitas created awesome poems about Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving smells like an abundance of food Thanksgiving sounds like lots of people talking Thanksgiving looks like the colors of brown, yellow, orange and red Thanksgiving feels like prayers and blessings Thanksgiving tastes like turkey ~Angelica On Thanksgiving, I tastes… Read more

girl w/microphone

Latinas and Spoken-Word Poetry

Spoken-word poetry, also known as slam poetry, is a type of poetic expression written and performed for an audience. Because they are performed, the poets tend to focus on the rhythm, musicality, and emotional impact of their poems. This type of poetic expression has been weaved into the American arts scene since the 1980s when… Read more

girl w/microphone

The World of Poetry Slam

The saying goes that the pen is mightier than the sword. Poetry slams take that concept pretty literally. A poetry slam is a battle of words and rhyme, all to win the hearts—and the high scores—of the judges. Poetry slams started in Chicago in 1984. Since then, they have spread all over the United States… Read more

Girl writing

Girl Power Poems

What does girl power mean to you? Latinitas sound off to describe what it means to be a powerful chica with these acrostic poems.  Grateful Intelligent Respectful Loyal Powerful Outstanding Winner Excellent Remarkable – Erica   Great Intelligent Respectful Loyal Positive Obedient Woman Excellent Responsible – Angelina   Great Independent Respectful Loving Pretty Opportunities Wonder… Read more

Polet Espinoza

Poem: If We Were All the Same

Have you ever wondered? What life would be like, If we were all the same. What would be exciting about life If we were all the same? Never learning new things, Never seeing new things, Never doing new things, That would be a waste of a lifetime. If we were all the same, How could… Read more

Photo Credit: Flickr, mylitocupcake

Pharr Away

By Sara Cabrera I eat menudo and barbacoa with a fresh warm packet of Guerrero tortillas on Sunday mornings after mass. After, I drive at 3 mph down the bumpy Raul Longoria Road to go to La Pulga de Alamo and to beat the Rio Grande Valley heat. There I buy verduras y frutas frescas… Read more

Girl writing

Poetry: I Am Beautiful

I am beautiful by Yazmine S. I am beautiful because Of my hair color. I am beautiful because I am nice. I am beautiful because Of my eye color. I am beautiful because I have curly hair. I am beautiful because I have friends. I am beautiful by Perla M. Beautiful Eager Awesome Usually Random… Read more

Latinita writing

Poetry: Seasons

Winter by Audrey Rodriguez, age 12 Knit sweaters blocking out the cold air, Christmas cheer for all to share Crisp snow dancing down from the sky, like dandy ice skaters that pass me by. Hot cocoa to chug and snowmen to hug Snow angels pressed into the ground, sledding down a huge mound! Santa Claus spreading… Read more


Poetry: Friendship

Latinitas write about the meaning of friendship in these poems about their BFFs. Jennifer Fresh Responsible Interesting Endless Nice Delight Shine Hope Independent Promise   Friends Friends are kind, friends are cool and awesome, Friends are loving, Friends are family, friends are the best known. Whats a ship that never ends? Friendship Friends never leave… Read more