Mi Barrio for Girls


Mi Barrio: Local Vintage Shoppes in El Paso

When we say vintage we’re not talking about the process of calling something ancient, we are talking about clothes, accessories, furniture, cars, or anything that has a maturity or an everlasting appeal. To be vintage is to be characterized by excellence, to be classic. Latinitas went around to a couple of El Paso’s very own… Read more

Photo Credit: Charrodaysfiesta.com

Mi Barrio: Rio Grande Valley

When you hear someone say “I’m from the Valley,” do you ever wonder what they mean? Do they mean Nappa Valley? Do they mean Silicon Valley? What exactly is the Valley? “The Valley” is actually located at the Southern tip of Texas where it is most often referred to as the Rio Grande Valley (RGV)… Read more


Mi Barrio: Houston, TX

Written by: April Age: 24 City: Houston, TX US What do you like to do for fun there? I love Houston, TX. It is not only a big city, but there is always that opportunity to grow. There are many opportunities to grow academically. Even if you begin small you’ll soon realize many Latina girls… Read more

Latina Beat

La Union, New Mexico

Vea este artículo en español aquí A quick twenty-minute drive from El Paso, Texas lies a town so small that, like the saying goes, if you blink, you’ll miss it. Home to under 300 residents, La Union, New Mexico boasts a history and culture as lavish as that of a major city. It has a… Read more


Mi Barrio: San Antonio, Texas

I was thrilled to plan my first ever road trip to San Antonio, home of the Alamo and Girl in a Coma, an all-Latina punk rock band. All I needed was a full tank of gas, my trusty map, and a video camera to get started exploring the city. As I entered the city limits… Read more


My Town Pasadena, TX

I grew up in Pasadena, a city on the outskirts of Houston. My childhood memories make my hometown so special to me. Pasadena is where I had friends and family within walking distance, and I first learned how to drive on its streets. There is a majority of Hispanics who live in Pasadena, so people… Read more


Summer of Sunshine in San Diego

The roar of car engines in the school parking lot faded as the fleet of cars belonging to my fellow classmates drove off into the westbound sun. It was the final class day for the school year, and summer lay before us like an unexplored frontier. It was vast, inviting and pleasantly unknown. I was… Read more


Mi Barrio Brownsville, TX

Name: Mylan Torres Hometown: Brownsville, Texas Current city: Austin, Texas Were you nervous at all before you moved? Why? Yes, of course! I was really nervous since I’d be living on my own and so far away from home. I’m extremely close to my family; I really had no idea (and didn’t think) I’d be… Read more


Center Point, TX

As the Guadalupe River weaves its way through Center Point, nature calls to the citizens of the small rural town with the approximate population of 1,000 residents. Center Point grows famous with saying, “everyone knows everything about everyone.” Center Point proceeds with one post office and a bed ‘n’breakfast, two gas stations, and three resident-owned… Read more


Southeast Austin

Many people stereotype Southeast Austin and consider it to be the “ghetto” part of town, but many people don’t realize that by stereotyping a community, they are missing out on the really good opportunities to meet new people and have fun. As a resident, I know Southeast Austin provides many resources and opportunities to its… Read more

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