Culture for Girls


Immigrant Heritage

Our nation has a long history of immigrants who have come to this country to seek new opportunities and to contribute their talents. These talented Latina immigrants have excelled in their field and demonstrated the potential of immigrants reaching their dreams. Carolina Herrera (Venezuela) Carolina Herrera was born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1939. Her full… Read more


Cristela TV Show Review

The TV Show Cristela on ABC network features a Mexican-American family whose main character, Cristela plays an aspiring lawyer with daily struggles. Balancing between a traditional family, school, work, and among other family concerns it includes a hint of classic sometimes predictable comedy.   Cristela is the first Latina to create, produce, write, and star… Read more

Game Board Picture

My Journey to the U.S.

A board game created for young Latinos and Latinas who have traveled from their home country to the United States at a young age sounds kind of interesting, right? It’s real, too! Vilma Matos, writer and creator of “My Journey to the United States,” or “Mis Pasos A Los Estados Unidos,” made this board game… Read more


Expressing Culture Through The Arts

Creative expression is a great way to celebrate your culture. These inspiring Latina leaders used their creativity in different forms of art to illustrate children’s books, paint political artwork, design new fashion trends, create musicals and sing about their heritage. FILM/MUSIC/DANCE – Rita Moreno –(1931-) Puerto Rican actress Rita Moreno was born in Humacao, Puerto… Read more

quince crown

How to Plan a Quince

Spring is in the air; the flowers are about to bloom, and somewhere out there many young girls are on their way to turning fifteen! Quinceañeras are often very elegant and full of intricate decorations, in other words, beautiful celebrations! Not to mention the beautiful gowns the celebrated Quinceaneras wears to the party! However, these… Read more


Embracing the Salsa

Salsa is played throughout the Hispanic world and has influences from Latin American and Afro-Caribbean countries. This popular dance style inspires confidence and freedom to improvise with the traditional steps. Whether it’s with a partner or dancing it out solo, salsa is a way to embrace the Latin culture one step at a time. Claudia… Read more


Aguas Frescas

Whether you go to a local stand or enjoy the ones your abuelita makes, aguas frescas are simple, refreshing beverages that are also rich in nutritional value. The aguas are either made from sweet fruits, sour fruits, seeds or flowers, mixed with water and sugar. These drinks can be prepared for any occasion in which… Read more

Mexican Flag

Celebrating 16 de Septiembre

16 de Septiembre is the day when people in Mexico get together to celebrate their independence. This holiday  isn’t only celebrated in Mexico, but in the U.S. as well! Because the United States is a country where diversity is welcomed, there are many Hispanic people in the U.S. with Mexican family and blood. Even though… Read more

quince latinitas

The 411 on Quince Traditions

So you’re having a Quinceañera. First off, congratulations! You’ve reached a very important part of your life and it is fitting that you go all out for your 15th birthday, chica! You’ve probably already heard from friends and family just how important a Latina’s 15th birthday is. But what exactly does a Quinceañera mean for… Read more


DIY: Latino-Inspired Ice Cream

Being proud of your latina heritage is something that we should all express throughout our lives. How about through food? This latino-inspired ice cream is sure to satisfy your cravings during the warm-weather months. So, grab some friends and enjoy these delicious ice cream recipes. Dulce de Leche Ice Cream: What you will need: 1… Read more

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